Misconceptions Regarding Kaalsarp Yoga

There are more than a few myths about “Kaal Sarp Yoga”. If Kaal Sarp yoga is in someone’s horoscope then it’s mentioned that whether or not planets are smartly situated or settled in horoscope the individual faces the immense hindrance at the motivation of works with zeal and endurance or whether or not he/she has an excellent good fortune, however the obstructions will arises ceaselessly because of Kaalsarp Yoga. While if the Kaalsarp Yoga is in complete swing it’s mentioned that even individual belongs to royal circle of relatives, he/she can be obsessive about unhappiness, which can make his lifestyles determined and depressing. And because of factional Kaalsarp Yoga in individual’s horoscope, the individual has to effort so much to complete any paintings.

What’s KaalSarp Yoga? There may be controversy about kaalsarp yoga.

1 – KaalSarp Yogas affect is from Rahu to Ketu or

2 – It is affect from Ketu to Rahu?

It’s widely recognized that the Kundli of Unbiased India is made consistent with the date 15th Aug – 1947, nighttime at 12:00 pm. It has the KaalSarp Yoga which strikes from Rahu to Ketu, which thought to be Rahu(Head) and Ketu(tail). Rahu results each and every planet. The Rahu Ketu motion is at all times zigzag and in the long run with its curvedly motion Rahu influences the planets approaching it is trail. This ends up in the formation of KaalSarp Yoga from Rahu to Ketu. If anybody or two planets pop out of trail in Start Horoscope, it creates the imply KaalSarp yoga.

Nowdays, there are more than a few therapies for the KaalSarp Yoga viz –

1) To make and worship silver snake couple.

2) Mahamritunjay chant.

3) There are some temples which can be believe to take away the ill-effects of the KaalSarp Yoga after appearing the ritual pooja.

There’s no common sense to the worship of the silver snake couple. As a result of within the KaalSarp Yoga the Sarp(Snake) names point out the motion of the Rahu Ketu within the zigzag modes like of a snake. Secondly the mahamritunjay chant is the Shiv Upasana the worship of lord shiva. Thirdly some temples rituals are considers to take away the ill-effects of KaalSarp Yoga however to whom to be worshiped, while head is believe Rahu and tail Ketu. If the tail(Ketu) is being minimize and because of Ketu’s zigzag motion the rest planets would stays outdoor the tail. However the fundamental answer isn’t believe within the KaalSarp yoga. This makes the individual aghast after going in the course of the 3 above famous remedies and makes him depressed.

Our Astrological Analysis Centre has deeply concerned within the answer of KaalSarp Yoga by means of slicing the tail(Ketu).

Pt. Sunil Sharma

DIRECTOR, Astrological Analysis Centre