Marley & Me – Christian Movie Review

A review of the movie, Marley & Me from a Christian perspective.

Movie Title: Marley & Me
Rating: PG
Director: David Frankel
Staring: Jennifer Aniston; Owen Wilson; Alan Arkin and Eric Dane
Category: Drama / Comedy

Christian Perspective Rating: 9 out of 10

Intro: Marley & Me is a heartwarming film about family, marriage, love and life with a great dog!

Review: I was warned by a few friends not to see Marley & Me because it is sad … I didn't listen to the naysayers, and I am glad. Sure, it is a tearjerker in some areas. However, overall it is a very funny and heartwarming movie experience.

With the encouragement of a single friend from work, John Grogan (Owen Wilson), decides to take his wife to pick out a puppy when she begins to show signs of wanting to add a baby to their lives. He hoped it would get her mind off having babies for a bit. Unfortunately, he did not plan for what he wound up with … Marley is a wild, rambunctious, lovable high maintenance dog.

Marley soon wins the heart of it's owners … although it is a love / hate relationship at times … (especially for Jenny Grogan after she begins to have babies!) … LOL.

There is a warmth to this film that families will love. Marley even experiences life with the Grogan's growing family.

There is mild crude humor and language that may require a chat after film … for the little viewers in your family. There are also some dramatic scenes that may be uncomfortable and confusing for smaller children.

Conclusion: Marley & Me is a laugh out loud and deeper than expected film. It goes very deep and gives an honest and positive portrayal of marriage as well. Do not be deterred by some tears … yes … you WILL cry. I rarely cry when I watch movies. This one got me. So, get your tissue box ready. However, you will laugh as well …. a lot!

L. Velez

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