Make Your Own Translate Widget

That’s because of english isn’t just language that people who surfing internet use for.

If the non english speaker come in your internet web site and They don’t understand your article this is because of your site is english simplest.

So you go over to a possibility to increase your blog reader to go over a possibility to increase your web web site guests,selling a stuff or many bad reason.

It’s gonna be upper that your site have 6 different languages even Eight or 9.You may just make it.Today I gonna share you how you can make your individual Translate widget.

1. Go to

they give you a loose icon.We need the Country flag icon.Download proper right here.

2. Extract it….then you’ll get the small country icon every country in the world now.

3. Go to Google translate provide you the translate supplier from English to 11 languagues.

4. We gonna put our web maintain or the web we want to translate inside the Translate a web internet web page. I gonna put my blog maintain > Choose the languague to translate.First I go for English to chinese language language simplified >press translate

5. Now you’ll be able to our site in Chinese simplified languague.That’s superb isn’t it ? Have a chinese language language site and not using a sweat and now not even know the chinese language language word.Thank for Google that offer us a superb services.Ok you then definately Copy the URL like

paste into your notepad.

6. I plan to have Eight languagues translate from english is chinese language language simplified,french ,german,italian ,Japan,korea,Portuguese ,spain.

So you do the an identical process you accomplished with chinese language language >after you get the chinese language language translate url > press button once more >make a choice the languagues> now french >Copy the Google translate french url >paste in your notepad.

7. Do it all with every languagues >then you’ll be able to have all 8 Google translate url in your notepad.

8. Go to photobucket ( loose image stock) so as to add your country flag icon > once more to the icon folder >make a choice the flag >upload it.

9.Go in your html editor create the table form.Put the picture flag inside the table and link image with Google translate url.

10.There you are.The translate widget.Now you’ll be able to keep in touch further folks with different languagues.Don’t forget to recheck the translate widget.Is that translate the most efficient languague??

Article Source link thru Woraporn Lakkanacheewan