Love, Diamonds and Ch’i – A Feng Shui Master’s Guide to Choosing That Special Ring

Getting engaged? Whether it is your first time down the aisle or your 3rd, the bride is blushing and the diamonds must be glowing.

Here’s the Feng Shui Master’s 5 Factor Guide to selecting simply the proper ring to your one and best real love.


Looking with a Feng Shui Eye, diamond shapes are available 3 classes:

o Not So Great

Marquise – sharp issues can imply prickly ch’i!

Pear – a tear form for glad love?

Oval – is love a race?

o Pretty just right

Princess – a form of even stability, however watch the ones sharp corners!

Round – love does make the sector cross spherical

o Great Feng Shui

Emerald – conventional, chic with eight aspects*

Asscher – a squared Emerald form

Radiant – a contemporary Emerald form

Old Miners – a rounded sq. – easiest stability

*The Bagua, the Feng Shui power map that represents all aspects of existence is an octagon. Shouldn’t your ring mirror all of existence, too?


In Feng Shui we use colour power to raise and give a boost to other facets of existence.

Feng Shui Love Power Colors:

o White – your long term, kids

o Pink – love, romance, partnership

o Red – hearth, pastime

The same old diamond is white and completely fitted to bringing “long term” power in your ring. After all, is not that what an engagement ring is for? If you do need to upload different colour energies, use different gem stones, like pink rubies for pastime ch’i, to reach the stability and purpose to your middle. (There are herbal pink or red diamonds however high quality ones are very uncommon and really pricey.)

#three STORY

The power of the previous carries into the existing and on into the long run.

A brand new diamond is just like the proverbial clean slate; able to take in and hang your love ch’i. It’s when you find yourself having a look at heirloom or property items that “predecessor ch’i” turns into an element. Just like the brand new ring will probably be imprinted along with your power, older items would possibly elevate the power of previous house owners and previous occasions. (There actually are “cursed” diamonds.)

o Family Heirlooms

Ask for the actual tales and take a look at into your true emotions. Did Grandma and Grandpa actually have a good looking marriage? If the solution is sure and also you had a good looking courting with Grandma then cross forward. You can upload any other layer of affection ch’i to an already blessed stone.

If the actual tale isn’t about love otherwise you did not get at the side of her, ask your self why you’ll need to put on a hoop weighted with darkish emotions.

o Estate Jewelry

Not all pre-owned items elevate detrimental power. Some are impartial and even sure. But until you are a just right power reader it could be sensible to invite for lend a hand from a pal who’s. You’ll have sufficient to take care of in married existence with out including anyone else’s “karma.”

(Disclosure: I purchased Debra vintage diamonds for each our 10th and 20th anniversaries. Of route, I took a deep glance into the stones’ ch’i earlier than deciding.)


To select correctly, stay common sense and want in stability.

Size, minimize and readability all have an effect on value. Too top a worth can put tension ch’i into the hoop and into the connection. Budget smartly, purchase sensible and that easy part carat will outshine all others.

Of route, what’s going to actually make it shine is Feng Shui Factor #5 –

#Five LOVE

Love actually does make the sector cross spherical.

Do you imagine in magic? Do you imagine in love? No topic how giant or how small, a diamond ring selected in love and given in love could be a hyperlink between fans; a love hyperlink will best develop as existence occurs.

Remember, in existence and adore it’s no longer actually the form or colour or age or value of your ring that has energy. It’s your want for one any other and your hearts’ dedication to sharing the remainder of your lives in combination.