Lingerie Bag – Picking Out the Perfect Travel Companion

If you are considering buying a lingerie bag, whether as a gift for someone else or for yourself, there are many things you should take into consideration. Designer lingerie bags have a very high value, so you will want to find one that covers all of your needs. With this bag you will be able to keep your lingerie safe and clean without any hassle. It also makes a stylish way to carry around your undergarments when you go out. Styles and colors vary, although most people choose to pick one that matches the lingerie they own.

Before you pick out the bag you want, consider the size you will need. In many cases one size will be able to accommodate up to four bras and 14 panties. You can choose to adjust this size if needed with the ribbons or order a custom designed bag to match your needs. If there are left over materials available, the artisan making the bags will often be willing to make you the same style lingerie bag with your own customizations for no additional cost. Remember that the size of this bag is very important in regards to what you will be using it for. If you just need something to keep one or two garments safe you will not need an oversized bag. Some people choose to have larger sizes for taking on trips and getaways. The bag keeps all of your belongings safe from the rest of your luggage. Also consider whether you would like pockets or not.

The next step is to pick a type of fabric and color. Many of the best lingerie bags are made from imported silk, and are then further embellished. There are various different kinds of styles to choose from, so pick out one that fits your personality and style. If you are buying one for a friend or lover, be sure to pick out one that matches the lingerie they have. Almost all lingerie bags come with an inside lining of material without embellishment that keeps lingerie safe from snags. Remember that lighter color fabrics will start to look dirtier faster than darker colors.

The types of embellishments you choose to have on your lingerie bag are also important. Some people have their monogram stitched into the side. The best bags have double-sided satin ribbon sewn into the bag to keep it tied shut. Many also have a piping or beading around the edges added for extra flair. There are some bags that feature crinkled material or stitch work done on the front. Other designs use sequins, velvet, or leather to create a unique effect.

Lingerie bags are becoming a popular gift for newlyweds. In this case many people choose to side with a white or cream colored bag. These are usually embellished with crystal beads or pearls and pretty white ribbon. This is a great gift to buy for the bride if you don't know exactly what to get her. Lingerie bags always come in handy on the honeymoon when you are worried about keeping your belongings safe from tears, rips, and stretching.

Choosing the right lingerie bag is not as difficult as it might seem. Try to find a pattern that suits the tastes of the receiver. If you are having trouble figuring out what they would like, consider what their favorite colors are. Stay away from fabrics that are ruff and might cause snagging or wear on your lingerie. If you can't decide what to get, settle for a classic pattern and color that matches just about anything.

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