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Khowar belongs to the gang of languages referred to as Dardic, which is a sub-group of the Indo-Arian Family. Other languages within the Dardic Group are Kashmiri, Shina, Dameli, Gawar (Arandui) and Kohistani and lots of different small ones. The language which is nearest to Khowar on this organization is Kalashamun, spoken via the Kalash other folks in Chitral.

Khowar is mainly the language of the higher a part of Chitral, or to be extra particular the language of the Khow Valley. The majority of the folks dwelling within the decrease a part of the rustic (as much as the existing capital the town) spoke Kalashamun prior to now. With the growth of the Khows, Khowar Language additionally unfold in all places. As Khows had embraced Islam prior to this growth, they got here down the rustic as a extra civilized other folks, and the Kalash have been no fit for the. Khow supremacy was once smartly established within the decrease Chitral all through the early years of the Seventeenth Century. The subdued Kalash other folks impulsively transformed to Islam. Subjugation of Kalash via the Khows mad made deep imprints at the Kalash tradition. Most of the Kalash communities who transformed to Islam in block, shifted to the Khowar Language as smartly. Thus Khowar become the most important language of the entire nation. Some aspect valleys within the south retained their very own languages, however as time handed, Khowar made inroads to those valleys. Today Khowar is spoken in each and every nook of Chitral. The communities, who’ve preserved their very own languages, use it as a 2d language.

Khowar is a gorgeous previous language, with a large retailer of folks literature. Folk songs and folks stories had been narrated on this language for lots of centuries, however not anything was once preserved in written shape. Some early poets attempted to put in writing Khowar verses within the Persian Script, however Khowar has many further sounds for which there aren’t any characters in Persian. In 1919, Prince Muhammad Nasir ul Mulk made the primary try at creating Khowar’s personal alphabets. The paintings was once additional progressed via Prince Samsamul Mulk in1960. Now Khowar has its personal set of characters with six further characters, representing the extra Khowar sounds. Khowar has now develop into a literary language, with loads of writers bringing out works each in poetry and prose.

During the new years, the pc has made writing and publishing so much simple. But the writers of Khowar may just now not make a lot use of laptop, on account of absence of correct fonts and keyboard layouts for Khowar. This drawback was once solved via a joint effort of the University of Chicago within the U.S. and a Pakistani University, FAST National University Lahore. Dr. Elena Bashir, a famend linguist, has been operating very arduous for making all of it conceivable. The assets even though nonetheless below experimental procedure, are to be had to be used for Khowar writers. The creation of the Khowar Keyboard and Khowar font has made Khowar writing on laptop really easy and stress-free. the arrival of Khowar Unicode has made it conceivable to construct internet pages within the Khowar Script based totally textual content.

The assets at the moment are to be had to be had on the internet. These come with Khowar keyboard, Khowar font and directions for finish customers. for downloading those assets talk over with Detailed directions for enabling of computer systems for writing Khowar also are to be had at the web page.

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