I No Longer Love My Husband – But I Do Not Want a Divorce

I often have been hearing this from many women, “I no longer love my husband, but I do not want a divorce.” What does that mean? Many women when they are married for a long time, they find their feelings change, they seem to have lost the excitement in the marriage and eventually they think they no longer love their husband. If you are one of them that do not want a divorce, but yet struggling to go through your married life, you need to take some actions to improve your relationship with your husband.

The first thing that you should do to save your marriage is to make yourself fall back in love with your husband again. You have to start thinking back to the beginning stage that made you so attracted to your husband. I am sure there are obvious qualities in your husband, if not, you will not marry him in the first place.

“I no longer love my husband, are you sure I still can salvage this marriage?” You are somehow hesitating to divorce your husband and that mean you still have feelings for this marriage. The main reason why you think that you do not love your husband is because your marriage life is working in a very routine and boring manner and that causes you to lose the excitement in him.

Cast aside the thinking that you find him unappealing. Since you have decided to make the first move to save your marriage, you should focus more on finding something new about him to love every day. Give both yourself a real break, perhaps it has been quite a while both of you went for a romantic holiday. When you try to treat and approach your husband in a different way, you realize more positive thoughts will start to take place and slowly you will regain your love for him.

Spend quality time to talk with him about his day and update him about what is going on every day in your life. Try to develop common interests and work on improving it from that area. When both of you start to feel connected again in the marriage, you will start to feel happiness and will never think that it is a struggle to stay in the marriage. Don’t see it as a tough problem to save this marriage. There are many things that you can do to fall in love with your husband again.

Article Source Link by Andrew Kristen

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