How to View and Customize Interests from Twitter

How would you define someone who makes things easy for you? Yes, it feels so relaxing when someone figures things out for you. So is the case with Twitter.

As one of the most emerged platforms, Twitter has provided the users with some exceptional features and options to customize their interests and to use it exactly according to their will. For that, there are plenty of tactics.

One of the most amazing features of real twitter views that is worth mentioning here is that when you keep using it and start exploring the things of your choice, be they of any genre, twitter creates a list of your preferences and interests.

That means the specific data you view on Twitter will be added to your interest and preferences and then you will be given the recommended content according to that. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Even when you create your Twitter account, Twitter asks for your preferences and your areas of interest so instead of giving random content, they let you enjoy the specified content you want to see. But even after it has been set, there still is created a list of preferences and you yourself can view and customize it.

Once you get access to the interest Twitter has created, keeping in view your choice of content, you can easily customize it. You can do it on both, the Mobile App of Twitter and the web version of Twitter. What you have to follow is:


Step 1



Open the Twitter App on your cell phone or try accessing it through the Twitter web browser.


Step 2

Go to the left side of the interface and check for the option of settings and privacy. The clock on that option for further do.


Step 3

Once you have clicked it will lead to another interface where you can navigate the settings options for your Account.


Step 4

From there, go to your Twitter data option. It will be giving all the details of the activities happened so far to your account.


Step 5



After you have opened your Twitter data, search for another option on the same page namely interests and ads data. Click on it for further do.


Step 6

In order to navigate the interest twitter has created for you so far, click on the interest option there.


Step 7

The rest of the process will be carried out here. You can amend this list of interests according to your will.

Depending on the time span and extent to which you have been using Twitter, the list will show you every small detail of the things you might have liked or viewed frequently. According to that, your interests will be shaped.

It is quite easy to view and customize your on Twitter and you can further amend it whenever you want. Usually, this list is arranged in alphabetic order from A to A and thus it is completely well structured.

If you have been watching or streaming one kind of content and you are not willing to see that now or any related posts you can easily go to the interests created by Twitter and simply uncheck the box next to that specific kind of data.

Once you have done that, it will no longer be a part of your list and thus it will never show again in the news feed of your Twitter account.

It will not be as abrupt as you may have expected it. The possibilities are that you may even see the ads you are not interested in but after a while, and after you have unchecked the topics you are not interested in, and after you have customized your interest, your feed will start purgatory of the irrelevant content.

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