How to Pack Fragile Items


Fragile items are those that are sensitive and there is the danger of being damaging and easily breakable. Examples of fragile items are glasses, plates, and marble, tiles. These items required special storage and packing due to their fragile nature.  In our day-to-day life, we use different types of products, but it is necessary to give special care to fragile items. Fragile items should be packed in such a way that they could not damage or break during transit. Packing fragile items is the most caring thing to do. The boxes of fragile items go through several hands during moving so they should be packed effectively and carefully.

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There are some important points mentioned below that how to pack fragile items.


Perpare in advance

The First step in deciding how to pack fragile items is that prepare yourself in advance for what items should be packed in what manner. Prepare a list that mentions which items should be packed in which box and which material is used to pack these items. For example, for packing plates packing paper is used so firstly it has to prepare a list somewhere that could be remembered at the time of packing.

Use small boxes 

For packing each item, small boxes should be used. The reason behind this is that if people use small boxes that it carries less space. As a result of this, the items do not get damaged during transit. Small items were easy to handle and be sure that boxes are well filled. If the size of the box is small and filled then it is fewer chances of moving fragile items.

Make sections

It is necessary to make sections in the boxes when you pack glasses and cups. The glasses and cups fit in such a way that they are packed perfectly and have no fear of any breakage or danging the product during transit. If any section remains unfilled that it should be filled with some paper or foam to seal tightly.

Cover all the sides of the box with tapes

It is important to cover all the sides of the box with the help tapes. The top and bottom of the box should be sealed tightly so that it could not open under any circumstances. During moving a product from one place to another, the product has to pass through various low and down the road. If the product is covered from all sides with the help of tapes, it did not face any problem.

Use bubble wrap 

Another important material that solves the problem o0f how to pack fragile items in bubble wrap.If the fragile types of equipment like TV, Musicals instruments, Utensils. If these items are covered properly then in a bubble and packed in boxes then there are fewer chances of damaging the product.

Arrange items in a sequence 

All the items should be arranged properly In a sequence so that there should not be any disturbance when packing all the items. It means that while packing all the items must be of the same nature. For Example, plates should be packed in a separate box, glasses should be packed in a different box. If it is orderly arranged then there will be less chance of getting damaged the product.

Use packing paper

For packing plates, use packing papers. Packing papers are placed between every plate so that plates do not touch each other. It acts as a softer between all the plates. So there are fewer chances of damaging plates while moving from one place to another. Packing paper solves the issue of how to pack fragile items in the case of plates.

Do not Rush 

It is mandatory to pack all the items in a very slow way. Do not hurry, do not rush while packing because it causes a lot of disturbance and confusion in how to pack fragile items. It also leads to breaking and damaging the things or items if we do packing in a hurry or rush.  Do work by taking time as you can. Pack all the items systematically.

Do not overload 

The next point is to explain how to pack fragile items is that do not overload all the boxes. If it is overloaded then there is a chance of breaking down and damaging the fragile product or item while moving from one place to another. Pack all the items according to the size of the box. Use necessary materials if needed and load all the boxes according to the size in the van. For Example, firstly place the big size of the box and then the small size. Means big to small size.


It is another important factor in determining how to pack fragile items effectively. Labeling means giving a label to each box that the box which relates to. The main advantage of labeling is that is easy to find any box without any difficulties so that the items in the box do not damage during the time of finding.

Never use thick boxes 

For packing all the items do not use thick boxes, always use boxes that are made up of hard paper. If thick boxes are used, there is a fear of shredding the boxes into pieces during transit. Using Boxes that are made up of hard paper protects the product as well from damage.

Pack items according to guidelines provided by the Movers and packer

Fragile items should be packed according to the guidelines provided by the mover and packer. People can also hire movers and packers for this work. They are very trained as well as experienced in this work so the chances of damaging and breaking down the product are low as compared to packing done by ourself.Movers and Packers are economical which means they give their best services to the customer in minimum time and at minimum cost.



Fragile items and products are very expensive and sensitive so their care can be done in a very careful and proper way. At the time of shifting home from one place to another, packing can be done in a very effective and systematic way. The above mention points can be followed by people during the packing of fragile items.

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