How To Go About AOL Password Reset Procedure

AOL is the shortened name for America Online Inc., which is also one of the oldest email services that continue to exist till date. Originally the company had started out as Control Video Corporation in the year 1983, an entity that used to offer a downloadable video game on Atari video game console. Later on the company ventured into many other projects, and still continues to hold a place in a few of them, email being one of the most popular ones among them. This service used to be a paid feature, but due to several competitors offering their services for free, AOL too made its email services free to all.

Despite having stiff competition from all others, AOL email services are still used by millions, a number that continues to grow even further. Its distinct set of features make AOL email services a pleasure to use for all kinds of personal as well as professional needs. There is a dedicated AOL support page as well, which can be made use of by anyone who seeks a resolution for any sort of issue with his account.

One of the most common issues that can happen with an email account is related to AOL password reset. This could be required because of a couple of reasons, such as:

  • Forgot email password
  • Email account’s security has been compromised
  • Need for resetting password due to some other need

Automatic password recovery is one of the most common methods that can be implemented in case you have lost access to your account. In this case, a notification will be sent to your registered computer, which includes a link that can be clicked upon to get back your email account’s access and even reset password for the same. This feature can be activated on multiple computers as well, and so you can reset your password from anywhere, home office or even while you are on a vacation!

AOL password reset can also be done by clicking on the link in the email that will be sent to some alternate email address of yours. By doing so, you will be asked to select a new password. This is one of the most widely used option among all the rest as it does not restrict you to a restricted number of systems as is the case with the Automatic password recovery method.

Then there is “AOL password” tool that allows you access to a few characters of your password and not the entire one, which may at times be not helpful to a few, but then it will definitely be better than nothing at all.

If you have not found either of the aforesaid methods to be useful, or have not been able to use them at all, you can consider availing assistance from some independent on-call technical support provider who can help you with AOL Password Reset in return for a certain amount of fee. There are quite many on-call tech support providers today, which gives you as a user to compare their price plans and also their support package contents, before finalizing the most appropriate one for you.

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