How to Give Your Chinchilla a Bath

Do you know that Chinchillas by no means take a shower? Properly, really, I take that again. Chinchillas do bathe. They bathe in grime. What, you say, that is not a shower. You might be proper, and also you’re improper. Here is why.

Apart from for ingesting, water is just not good for a chinchilla. Their fur, as you possibly can inform from petting your chinchilla, could be very thick, the thickest of any animal on the planet. In most animals their hair will take in water however not so for chinchillas. In the event that they get moist their pores and skin absorbs the water and might trigger them issues like fungus buildup, parasites, and even worms. So they should keep dry.

And that’s the reason you have been each proper and improper. Chinchillas do take baths. They take mud baths. Chinchillas originated in South America within the Andes Mountains the place there are giant deposits of volcanic ash. The ash is ideal for the chinchilla’s mud tub. They roll in it and get themselves all cleaned up and prepared for partying. (Scratch that. Chinchillas do not really social gathering. However they do wish to play. They will even play with you if you’re very affected person and mild and spend time gaining their belief.) However I digress. We have been speaking about mud baths, so let’s proceed.

A daily mud tub is critical for chinchillas to maintain their luxurious coats clear, clean and wholesome. (By the way in which, do you suppose a younger chinchilla offers its mom a tough time when she says it is time to your tub? Whoops. I am digressing once more. Sorry.)

Your chinchilla doesn’t dwell within the Andes Mountains. It lives in a cage in your house. So how is it presupposed to take a shower? Easy. You go to your native pet retailer, or on the Web, and you purchase chinchilla mud. Yep, chinchilla mud. It is similar to the volcanic ash utilized by wild chinchillas. You set a bowl stuffed with the mud in your chinchilla’s cage. And guess what? You guessed it, the chinchilla rolls round in it till it has had a really good tub. After which it goes to mattress. (Simply kidding. Chinchillas do not go to mattress as quickly as they end their mud tub. They keep up and run round on a wheel till they’re all tuckered out. After which they go to sleep from fatigue.)

By the way in which, I suppose you already know that chinchillas are nocturnal. They sleep in the course of the day and are awake if you find yourself asleep. However no worries. They will be awake so that you can play with as soon as they get used to your circadian rhythms.

Put the mud in a deep bowl that will not tip over. It must be bigger than the chinchilla. (You already guessed that, did not you?) I like to recommend utilizing a container that’s barely enclosed or else you are going to see mud flying in every single place. Fill the underside with a couple of inches of mud. You do not want loads.

Not like the tub you’re taking, you do not have to throw the mud out. Your chinchilla will use that mud a number of occasions earlier than you need to exchange it. When it begins to get clumpy or look soiled toss it and put in new mud.

The most effective factor is to place the mud tub within the cage at night time when your chinchilla is up and about. Do it about twice every week until your setting tends to be humid, through which case, extra frequent baths are advisable.

Oh, one last item: Do not go away the mud tub within the cage. Take away it after your chinchilla has had its tub. An excessive amount of bathing can dry the chinchilla’s pores and skin. Plus, it would simply get into the behavior of utilizing the mud tub bowl to urinate, and, yuck, you do not need that, do you?

Now go take your tub.

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