How to Design Your Website for SaaS Products

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Most people are likely to browse through websites when searching for certain products and services. In the digital world, one of the first things that you need to focus on is web design. With a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate page, business owners can create a positive impression on potential customers. When it comes to website design for SaaS products, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind.

It is important to make sure that the relevant information is conveyed from the beginning and that consumers are able to get a clear idea of what you have to offer. The website is crucial to making a strong first impression as 94 percent of visitors form their opinion about the page based on its design.

Before launching a platform for your SaaS products, here are a few ways that you can design one which attracts more traffic and converts leads.


Eye-Catching Headline For Homepage

This is usually the first thing that people tend to notice on a website. So it’s incredibly important to come up with an engaging headline to convince visitors to stay on the page and look for more information. It should be informative and catchy to draw attention from the beginning.

If you have a large header or slider image above the fold, the headline and a brief description or statement can tell people about the SaaS product. For an attractive and minimalist design, business owners and web designers may prefer to keep less text in that area of the homepage. Sometimes, there might only be a headline with a background video or animated graphics.

The logo design can be on the top left or right corner so that people can recognize it easily later on. To create a relevant and appealing visual brand identity, you can use the online Free Logo Creator and pick a winning symbol that represents your startup or business closely.


Urgent and Visible CTAs

When you are working on designing a website for SaaS products, the right call-to-action or CTA can make all the difference in lead conversion. It should be prominent or clearly visible on the header so people can find out about the pricing, features, and related services easily. You can also include an urgent CTA that encourages people to make a purchase or sign up immediately.

With an attractive color contrast, it becomes easier to catch the eye of the visitors. The placement of such buttons is also crucial as you want the target audience to ‘subscribe’ or ‘get started’ quickly. So make sure that people can find them easily both above the fold and below It is a good idea to opt for colors such as blue, green, orange or red that stand out against any background. A few SaaS companies also their brand color scheme to create more familiarity and boost recognition.


Demonstration or FAQ Video

Over the last few years, the number of people watching video content has increased quickly. Users are currently watching twice the amount of videos they saw in 2018. Most businesses and web designers also say that websites with explainers or demonstration videos attract more traffic than others. This is mainly because a lot of people prefer to get information from such content instead of going through chunks of text.

You can include one or two videos in the website for SaaS products that demonstrate how it works or highlight their key features. It can help you keep people on the page for longer and also convert more leads as you can add a strong CTA at the end of the video. Make sure that the content is engaging, relevant and keeps people interested for the given time.

The website for Slack features a short video that draws attention from the beginning. You can find inspiration in a similar design or include a tutorial at the bottom of the homepage.



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Customer Testimonials

It is very important to tell first time visitors about how the SaaS product has helped solve a problem for different customers. By adding testimonials on the website, you can convince more people to take action and ‘sign up’ or ‘start a free trial’. You can highlight feedback from clients below the header or towards the end of the page as well.

This way, it’s easier to convince visitors to explore the website and stay on the page for longer too. For a lasting impact on the audience, you can even include a video with real customers talking about the product. Some websites also have a customer stories section on the homepage which directs people to detailed reviews or surveys. It can help potential customers make a well-informed decision. Customer testimonials and social proof is crucial to the success of a website and business. It’s how you can establish credibility and gain the trust of consumers over time.


In-Depth Blog Posts

You may already be familiar with the phrase, content is king. With a SaaS products website, this is one factor that you have to keep in mind. People who are browsing through or looking to make a purchasing decision expect informative and engaging posts that can provide them an insight into the business and products. So make it easier for visitors to find the blog by adding the most popular articles on the home page.

It’s a good idea to feature posts that convince people why your product is better than the others and how it can prove to be useful for them. You can include how-to articles, client stories, or expert tips from an industry leader. This will help you keep visitors on the page for a longer time and reduce the bounce rate effectively. It could also boost awareness and generate higher traffic as more people might share the blog on their social media or digital channels.


Easy to Navigate Options

It is crucial for designers and business owners to collaborate on a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. If the page is too cluttered or has a confusing layout, it could turn people away. To avoid this, you should make sure that all the important information is visible and can be located quickly. The contact form or details can be missed easily which is why it’s best to highlight them on the home page.

You can add them on the top of the page or incorporate the ‘Contact’ section within the hamburger menu. In many websites, the form or information is also found on the footer or below it.  Whether you opt for the top sector or bottom, just make sure that it’s prominent and easy to find.


Simple Sign-Up Process

If the signup process is quick and simple, you can easily increase your subscribers within a short time. Keep the form short and reduce the number of fields so that it only requires basic information. Most people do not want to answer a lot of questions or add their credit card details in the beginning. You can simplify the process by only asking for the name and email or include the option of signing up with an existing Google account.

This can also help you grow your email list and encourage visitors to enter their details for a special offer, newsletter, or trial. It can also give your SaaS website an edge over the competitors as more people may prefer to sign up and consider making a purchase.


Live Chat

This is one of the most important factors that you need to focus on when designing the website for SaaS products. Most people expect businesses today to be responsive and get back with their solutions quickly. It’s why having a live chat option is incredibly important and time-saving as well. Visitors can interact with a customer support representative or bot to get quick answers.

You can even have the commonly asked ones about pricing, features or delivery automated. This creates a good impression on the consumer and can help them make the right decision. There are several software such as MobileMonkey or LiveChat that you can use to provide a good user experience to visitors on the website. It also helps if you have an FAQ section on the home page or in the menu where people can easily find all the relevant information.


Test and Get Feedback

It’s always a good idea to test what works beforehand so you can remove the elements that may not generate the desired results. You can run a focus test or get feedback from your team members about the layout, font styles or colors. Make sure that the website is functional and can load quickly as well.



These are some of the ways you can design your website for SaaS products. If you are about to launch your company or startup, then it is a good idea to keep a few of these in mind. The website is incredibly important for establishing a strong digital presence and creating a positive perception in the minds of the audience. So you want to make sure that it’s well-designed, interactive, and conveys the relevant information instantly.

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