How does the loss of smell from COVID-19 actually feel like? We ask a COVID-19 survivor

Divya had evolved a nagging headache for three-four days which she dismissed as not anything. Then again, when her brother examined sure for COVID-19 after experiencing lack of scent, she additionally determined to get herself examined. Across the time her stories got here out to be sure, Divya skilled a whole lack of scent, which means she may now not scent the rest in any respect. “My style was once additionally in part impacted owing to the entire loss of scent, however I may nonetheless come across flavours, although the style wasn’t as outstanding.”

Whilst Divya regained her sense of scent in more or less 4-Five days after trying out destructive for COVID-19, her brother, who has additionally examined destructive, is but to get his sense of scent again. It’s been 20 days since he has examined destructive for COVID-19, however he nonetheless hasn’t regained his sense of scent.