High School Wrestling: The Path to Wrestling Greatness

Wrestling is not only a recreation; this is a mind-set. It is a lifestyle. Wrestling embodies ideas and ideas that one can observe off and on the mat.

The samurai of Japan adopted the Bushido Code. Bushido manner "Way of the Warrior." Taoists observe sure ideas as neatly. Tao manner "method" or "trail." Zen Buddhists additionally observe sure ideas. Zen has to do with being quiet and observant. In Zen, meditation, self-contemplation, and instinct are essential ideas. Someone on-line made this statement relating to Zen: "One method to consider Zen is that this: a complete state of focal point that contains a complete togetherness of frame and thoughts. Zen is some way of being. It is also a mind-set. Zen comes to shedding phantasm and seeing issues with out distortion created through your individual ideas. "

What ideas do wrestlers observe? Does a wrestling code exist? What is the trail to wrestling greatness? I pondered those questions and others and wrote this text to proportion a few of my ideas.

The Way of the Wrestler:

Remember Your Elders and the Rich History of Wrestling

Wrestling is thought of as one of the most global's oldest sports activities; it’s been round for 1000’s of years. Wrestling was once practiced within the historic Egyptian, Babylonian, Grecian, and Roman empires.

Wrestling is discussed within the Epic of Gilgamesh , one of the most earliest recognized works of literature. Wrestling may be discussed within the Bible . Jacob wrestles in the course of the evening with a person (in all probability God) and finally ends up with a dislocated hip. In Beowulf , the hero Beowulf "grapples" with the monster Grendel ultimately tearing off Grendel's arm. Beowulf is claimed to have a robust handgrip. He grapples with Grendel as a result of he doesn't wish to have any merit through the usage of guns. Other historic works of literature point out wrestling as neatly.

The thinker Plato was once a wrestler. Plato was once in reality a nickname given to him through his wrestling trainer. Plato manner "wide" and will have referred to Plato's wide shoulders or most likely his strong, robust construct. Plato concept extremely of wrestling. In his ebook entitled Laws , Plato states, "… the artwork of wrestling erect and retaining loose the neck and arms and facets, operating with power and fidelity, with a composed power, and for the sake of health-these are at all times helpful , and aren’t to be omitted … "

Some well-known politicians (together with presidents), squaddies (together with generals), businessmen, actors, writers, comedians and different celebrities had been wrestlers at one time. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, General George Patton, General Norman Schwartzkopf, Senator John McCain, John Irving (writer), Tom Cruise, Vince Vaughn, Ashton Kutcher, Jay Leno had been all wrestled. Some well-known soccer gamers and boxers wrestled as neatly. Hall of Fame Football Coach John Madden mentioned, "I’d have all of my offensive lineman strive against if I may just."

In the ebook Wrestling Tough , writer Mike Chapman mentions mythical soccer trainer Paul "Bear" Bryant who coached the University of Alabama to 6 nationwide titles. According to Chapman, "Bryant held wrestling in such top esteem as a developer of athletes, bodily and mentally, that he made the Alabama soccer staff figure out within the wrestling room in spring observe, capturing takedowns and attractive in are living scrimmages."

Of path, it virtually is going with out announcing that many blended martial artists that fought or proceed to struggle within the UFC and Pride had been wrestlers. Dan Henderson, Dan Severn, Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Sean Sherk, Frankie Edgar, and Brock Lesnar had been all wrestlers simply to call a couple of. Other blended martial artists have effectively added wrestling to their ability set.

I may just point out many well-known wrestlers. Some wrestlers have made their mark in folkstyle, freestyle, Greco-Roman, catch-as-catch-can, and different sorts of wrestling. Some wrestlers have excelled in multiple type of wrestling. Some were bold wrestling coaches in addition to outstanding wrestlers corresponding to Dan Gable and John Smith.

Some Notable Wrestlers

  • Martin "Farmer" Burns
  • Frank Gotch
  • Karl Gotch
  • The Great Gama (He was once by no means defeated all the way through his profession.)
  • Robin Reed (He was once unbelievable. He by no means misplaced a fit.)
  • Ivar Johansson (A Swedish wrestler who competed within the 1932 Olympics; he received a gold medal in Greco-Roman and in freestyle.)
  • Danny Hodge (Have you heard of the Dan Hodge Trophy?)
  • Yojiro Uetake
  • Bobby Douglas
  • Dan Gable (Do I in reality wish to say anything else about Dan Gable? He was once extraordinary.)
  • John Peterson
  • Ben Peterson
  • Wade Schalles (One of the best pinners of all time.)
  • Lee Kemp
  • Kenny Monday
  • Bruce Kinseth (Another unbelievable wrestler. He completed his collegiate profession through pinning his method in the course of the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments in 1979.)
  • Bruce Baumgartner
  • Dave Schultz
  • Mark Schultz
  • Gene Mills
  • John Smith (Do I in reality wish to say anything else about John Smith? He was once extraordinary.)
  • Tom Brands
  • Terry Brands
  • Cael Sanderson
  • Henry Cejudo

Well, I may just checklist loads of notable wrestlers. I'm certain you’ve got your idols and position fashions that encourage you.

You must take into accout the wealthy custom wrestling has and the nice males that experience wrestled prior to you. One of the ones nice males could also be your trainer, father, or brother. You must at all times be a excellent consultant for the game of wrestling.

Go With the Flow

One of Taoism's central ideas is wu wei. Wu wei has to do with now not forcing issues. Wu wei manner "with out motion." Wu wei is also outlined as "easy effort." The closest American an identical is more than likely the expression "going with the drift." Or, most likely you've heard the expression "rolling with the punches." Have you ever had a fit that gave the impression easy? Have you ever had a fit the place you had been completely targeted and the whole lot went proper? Sometimes we paintings arduous in observe and in our conditioning and but it doesn't really feel arduous.

So, how are we able to float? I feel {that a} wrestler must drill and observe his strikes and strategies again and again till they transform 2d nature. If you drift seamlessly from transfer to some other in a fit, then you’ve got more than likely reached that state of "easy effort." Sometimes a fit does now not pass as anticipated and you have got to make some changes. You can't lose your composure and surrender. You wish to float. You wish to say to your self, "No drawback, I will take care of this case." Going with the drift does now not imply giving up and accepting no matter occurs. It manner being able to react and care for no matter comes your method. I feel that going with the drift manner being versatile with the intention to take care of difficult scenarios. Maybe you wish to have to modify your technique all the way through a fit. When a chance items itself you wish to have to "strike whilst the iron is scorching." Often, you don't in reality wish to suppose all the way through a fit since you merely react and take care of no matter your opponent does.

Stay within the Moment

Zen Buddhism has an idea referred to as "mindfulness." Mindfulness necessarily interprets to "staying within the second." Do you get distracted all the way through a fit? Do you get fearful and to find your self fascinated about whether or not you’ll win or lose? I feel {that a} wrestler wishes to concentrate on the method or the manner (ie his strikes and strategies) versus the end result of the fit. We all wish to win. Thinking about profitable prior to your fit and visualizing profitable is okay. But, when you’re in reality wrestling you wish to have to be targeted at the job handy and not anything else. If you focal point in your strikes and strive against a targeted fit, then profitable will deal with itself.

Do you keep targeted all the way through wrestling observe? Do you take advantage of it? A wrestler shouldn't be distracted fascinated about different issues all the way through observe. He wishes to stick within the second. He wishes to concentrate on his coaching. He must be observant and pay attention to his trainer. He must inspire teammates. He must immerse himself in observe and provides it his undivided consideration.

Be desireless. Be very good. Be long past.

I watched a humorous film referred to as The Tao of Steve. In this film, the principle persona practices his private type of Taoism. He tries to lend a hand a pal through giving him recommendation on how one can get a female friend. His pal summed up the recommendation as, "Be desireless. Be very good. Be long past." I feel this recommendation can follow to wrestling as neatly. If you manner a wrestling fit as despite the fact that this is a subject of lifestyles or loss of life, you’re more than likely striking method an excessive amount of power on your self. In addition, an excessive amount of need to win may also be adverse. Of path, you wish to have need. You want interest. However, as I mentioned up to now, you shouldn't get overly targeted at the result of the fit. Focus at the procedure. The procedure comes to that specialize in executing your strikes and "being very good." Your strikes and method will probably be very good if you happen to drill and observe religiously. Finally, be long past. I by no means cared an excessive amount of for wrestlers that did victory dances or again flips after profitable a fit. I'm now not announcing I didn't pump my fist within the air a couple of times. Usually, I simply shook arms and walked off the mat. Victory was once praise sufficient with out celebrating. I used to be satisfied and proud at the inside of. I've spotted that many nice wrestlers are in reality humble. They strive against a really perfect fit, shake arms, and run off the mat. Maybe they’re already considering of getting ready for the following fit. Julius Caesar famously mentioned, "I got here. I noticed. I conquered." I love to peer competitive wrestlers who strive against a targeted fit, deal with industry, shake arms, after which run off the mat. That's how I take into accout Tom Brands and plenty of different University of Iowa wrestlers. Tom did smile or pump his fist within the air. He merely took care of commercial after which ran off the mat. I learn a horoscope as soon as that mentioned, "Don't chase admiration – be humble, quietly deal with industry. I’m reminded of the lone cowboy (and not using a title) who rides into the city, defeats the unhealthy guys, after which leaves with none fanfare. He simply takes care of commercial after which vanishes.

Way of the Warrior

The Bushido code of the samurai is related the next seven virtues:

  • Rectitude
  • Courage
  • Benevolence
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Honor
  • Loyalty

What type of code must a wrestler observe? Do what’s morally proper. Conduct your self in a accountable {and professional} approach. Never waver for your quest to be in very good situation and to excel in pageant. Be a excellent position type on your teammates. Be brave and imagine in your self even within the face of demanding situations. Be sort. Help your teammates and give a boost to them. Treat your entire teammates neatly together with underclassmen. Respect your coaches, teammates, warring parties, circle of relatives, buddies, and neighborhood individuals. Have integrity. Tell the reality. Be an individual who helps to keep his phrase. Be unswerving on your coaches, teammates, college, circle of relatives, buddies, and neighborhood. Be a dutiful wrestler through training arduous and competing with the purpose of appearing on your utmost skill.

Lao Tzu is thought of as to be the daddy of Taoism. The following are some quotes through him and my ideas.

"Do the tricky issues whilst they’re simple and do the good things whilst they’re small. A adventure of 1000 miles should start with a unmarried step. " – Lao Tzu

Earlier I discussed going with the drift. Be able to react. It's more straightforward to prevent a takedown try if you happen to prevent it prior to your opponent already has a good grip round your leg. Working arduous in observe is more straightforward while you increase your paintings capability slowly. If you drill and observe arduous then pageant might appear reasonably simple. Don't wait till the remaining minute to get into nice situation. Don't wait till the remaining length to get competitive in a fit.

"An ant at the transfer does greater than a snoozing ox." –Lao Tzu

You might face wrestlers who’re larger and more potent than you’re. You might face wrestlers who’re supposedly extra proficient than you’re. You can win fits through the usage of abilities that you’ve got drilled again and again, through being competitive, through being assured, and through being in very good situation.

"Great acts are made up of small deeds." –Lao Tzu

You can reach greatness. There isn't any actual secret to being a really perfect wrestler. Greatness comes from doing many small issues again and again and constantly. You wish to drill and observe. You wish to get into very good situation. You wish to teach your self about right kind method and right kind conditioning through gazing and paying attention to your trainer. You too can be informed from teammates, camps, clinics, books, and movies. You can observe visualization and certain self-talk. You can observe excellent vitamin. All of theses "small deeds" may end up in wrestling greatness.


Although I don't care a lot for wrestlers who do victory dances or again flips at the mat following a win, I didn't imply to indicate that you just shouldn't be at liberty after profitable. You must be at liberty and happy with your accomplishments. You must be pleased with the information that your arduous paintings and willpower paid off. Encourage your teammates and have a good time their victories as neatly. Sometimes groups get in combination and have a good time after a contest. This is a smart factor to do as neatly. So, sure, celebrating is a great factor. I merely like to have a good time off the mat.

Review of Main Points

  • Remember your elders and the wealthy historical past of wrestling.
  • Go With the Flow. Be able for no matter your opponent does and for no matter scenarios rise up in a fit.
  • Stay within the second. Don't suppose an excessive amount of concerning the result of the fit if you are wrestling. Focus at the procedure (ie executing your strikes powerfully and flawlessly) after which profitable will deal with itself. Always take advantage of observe time.
  • Be desireless. Be very good. Be long past. Focus in your strikes, deal with industry, then run off the mat and start to get ready for the following pageant.
  • Conduct your self in a accountable {and professional} approach. Be a excellent consultant on your college and for the game of wrestling. Strive to be a excellent position type. Always observe arduous and compete with the purpose of profitable. Practice virtues corresponding to braveness, honor, and loyalty.
  • Be ready bodily and mentally for each fit. Be assured for your talents and for your conditioning. Remember that you’ll be able to at all times be informed new strikes and new tactics. Drill and observe strikes again and again till they transform 2d nature.
  • Celebrate!

I’m hoping that a few of these ideas and ideas let you in your trail to wrestling greatness.

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