Guinea Pigs by Other Names?

Why are guinea pigs referred to as guinea pigs? Is it possibly as a result of they originated in New Guinea? Do they belong to the pig circle of relatives? In fact the solution to either one of those questions is ‘no’. There are a variety of theories that attempt to cope with the query of the atypical title.

First, the starting place of guinea in guinea pig. One principle posits that the animals have been dropped at Europe by the use of Guinea, thus main other folks to consider that that they had originated there. Any other principle is the phrase “guinea” is if truth be told derived from Guiana, a space in South The united states; albeit it stays unclear whether or not the misspelling was once intentional or simply a corruption of the unique title. A 3rd principle means that guinea pigs have been named so as a result of once they have been at first offered in Nice Britain, they have been valued at one guinea. A guinea is an outdated British coin with a worth of twenty one shillings. Sadly, this principle is in keeping with a commonplace misperception, as the primary guinea pig was once described in 1554 through a Swiss naturalist named Konrad Gesner, greater than a century sooner than the primary guinea coin was once tendered.

As to the starting place of the “pig” in guinea pig, it’s addressed through plenty of theories as smartly. One principle suggests they’re named pigs on account of the snort-like noises guinea pigs make when excited or satisfied. Any other principle posits that they have been named pigs on account of their resemblance to small pigs, or on account of their consuming behavior. Regardless of the explanation why, the English language isn’t the one one who refers to “pigginess”. The medical title for the species is cavia porcellus, with porcellus being Latin for little pig. The Germans check with them as Meerschweinchen (little sea pigs), in all chance as a result of crusing ships preventing to fill up provisions within the New Global would select up shops of guinea pigs as an simply moveable supply of unpolluted meat. In reality, guinea pigs were a supply of meat going again to the Inkas, who stored them each as meals resources and sacrificial choices to the gods. The Russian and Polish names for guinea pigs are very similar to the German one, morskaya svinka and winka morska respectively; whilst the Dutch name them guinees biggetje (Guinean piglet). Within the Scandinavian nations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark they’re referred to as marsvin, which mixes the Latin phrase for ocean “mare” with svin, which means pig.

In another languages, the title pig is mixed with a distinct geographic starting place. In France, as an example, the guinea pig is known as the Indian pig. In Greece and in Portugal there’s a identical connection with India or the Indies. Reasonably surprisingly, in Italy, the guinea pig, whilst nonetheless being known as a pig, is both named the little Indian pig, or the Peruvian cavy. However in point of fact at the bizarre scale is the Spanish language, which calls guinea pigs the Indian bunny rabbit. No New Guinea or pigginess in sight. However a rabbit?

Obviously, no normal settlement at the geographical starting place of guinea pigs is mirrored of their names, whilst the belief of “pigginess”, albeit ranging in all places, isn’t common to all languages and cultures.

In spite of everything, it in point of fact does not subject what you name it. The Guinea Pig is a adorable, hairy and a laugh pal that you can experience for future years.

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