Google Can Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone



Google Inc. has come out with an merely installable search feature. Using this feature, consumers merely need to type in ‘Find my phone’ command to know the approximate site of the device. On receiving the command, this new search feature fetches the outcome and presentations the place as the nearest stage on the show. The shopper has to be sure that he has installed latest Google Android tool. Apart from this, he has to switch on the site tracker service of Google Android Manager. What else this feature is in a position to doing for the advantage of its consumers? In this article, we could be looking at this new tool in more part for the advantage of the readers who may to find it helpful.

Search Missing Phone Feature

If you’ve got misplaced your Smartphone or left it somewhere in the house, you would not have to develop into panicky. The search engine advanced by means of Google would to find it for you inside seconds. The consumers merely need to type inside the command ‘Find my phone’ on a search engine feature to know the approximate location of the device. The company discussed this feature in a blog publish. Only catch is that new having a look feature simplest works with Android phones. This signifies that mobiles the use of other operating software cannot be tracked the least bit. The feature moreover helps the patron to lock and erase the information off if he or she feels that his or her device is missing. The feature does this task remotely. The shopper does now not will have to report to the buyer care center for locking the stolen device.

How it Works?

Normally, the Android Device Manager shall we within the shopper to ring his device from anywhere. The consumers can use this capacity to find a missing device. They need to keep the ring chance on. After that, the feature would make the phone ring for more or less five minutes and stay up for the device to reply once more. This period is long enough to be in agreement the oldsters merely to find the missing phone. Besides this, consumers will have to be sure that the tracking service in their phones is switched on. In order to make use of this feature, the purchasers have to position in the most recent fashion of the Google tool on their registered device. The ringing capacity works smartly with the place tracker to hunt out the device. If there is no response, the feature cautions the purchasers to make a decision whether or not or now not they’re going to have to fasten their device remotely. After getting the solution, the feature remotely gets rid of wisdom and locks the device.


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