GMC Savana 1500 Vs Ford E-150

Those who perform companies that contain hauling shipment perceive the will for a competent shipment van. The perfect position to search for a just right van will naturally be with some of the large auto producers on this planet. GM is the second one greatest auto producer whilst Ford is the fourth greatest automotive maker on this planet this present day. Comparing the 2011 GMC Savana 1500 and the Ford E-150 will due to this fact be a struggle between giants who’ve been within the auto business lengthy sufficient to provide dependable shipment trucks that may ship on capability, energy, and potency. We can be evaluating the 2 cars with a purpose to see which ones will raise the day and get to hold your shipment.


The GMC Savana 1500 has a 4.3l, V-6 engine that delivers 195hp and 260lb-ft of torque. This rear wheel power automobile can tow a most advisable weight of five,900lb. On the opposite hand the Ford E-150 has a 4.6l, V-Eight engine that delivers 225hp and a most torque of 286lb-ft. It may be a rear wheel power automobile that may to as much as 6500lb of shipment. It is reasonably transparent that the Ford takes spherical one and is the easier choice for individuals who are essentially in search of a formidable shipment van.

Fuel Efficiency

As at all times gasoline intake is healthier with smaller engines. The GMC Savana 1500 has a 31 gallon gasoline tank and is in a position to give 15 miles to the liter in town visitors and about 20 miles at the freeway. The Ford E-150 on its section will give a median of 13 miles to the gallon in town visitors and about 17 miles at the freeway. It has a 33 gallon gasoline tank and is clearly the fewer environment friendly of the 2 when best making an allowance for the gasoline intake.


As with all different cars, protection is a big fear when coping with shipment trucks as they aren’t best transporting your precious items however will even have your staff on board. Both the GMC and Ford cars have the usual security and safety options that come with anti-lock brakes, steadiness keep watch over, airbags in addition to safety device that incorporates ignition disable. The GMC additionally has overhead airbags along with the entrance have an effect on airbags. Parking lend a hand may be to be had on each cars along side alarms for low tire force, panic and emergency, stolen automobile monitoring and much more. The GMC Savana 1500 in addition to the Ford E-150 truthful reasonably neatly as regards safety and maximum evaluations have ranked them as being just right or superb within the space of protection.

Exterior Features

There isn’t a lot distinction within the external of each the Ford E-150 and the GMC Savana 1500. They have very identical dimensions regardless that the GMC is ready 8″ longer and could also be a better option for the ones having a look to hold shipment this is large on quantity. The colour choices for each cars also are reasonably identical with many of the shipment van shoppers seeming to choose white, metal gray, or deep blue.

Interior Features

There is relatively extra head and leg room within the Ford E-150 as in comparison to the GMC. This makes it extra at ease for taller and larger staff. Both shipment trucks seat two together with the motive force and you will need to notice that there’s not anything fancy to be present in those cars. Since they’re principally used to haul shipment, taste isn’t actually a big attention on this case. It is extra necessary for the automobile to be sensible. This is to be had within the type of the motive force data heart, gauges, shipment lights, cup holders, radio, CD participant, and a lot more. Flooring of the burden space is both plastic or rubber for defense from abrasion and denting. A air flow device additionally guarantees that the shipment compartment is aired all the time.


Assuming that deciding to shop for both of those trucks is a trade resolution, gasoline intake and preliminary price can be main issues. The GMC occurs to be less expensive as when put next to shopping for the Ford and it additionally has higher gasoline potency which is actually necessary within the delivery trade. Being a shipment van, quantity additionally items a very powerful merit and the GMC once more has a lead right here because of its longer frame. This signifies that you’ll be able to raise extra baggage at a cheaper price whilst the use of the GMC Savana 1500. If you’re alternatively nonetheless no longer satisfied that the GMC Savana 1500 has carried the day, then it’s worthwhile to merely come to a decision to shop for it and base your resolution on GMC having extra film appearances than Ford the place it’s usually pushed by means of the nice guys, and I suppose you’re certainly one of them.

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