Follow Simple Recipies and Make Delicious Evening Snacks at Home

Food is very important in our lives actually necessary. What you eat reflects on your body. Food provides us with the necessary nutrition. We get fats, carbohydrates, Vitamins from food. The right food can prevent many diseases. Sometimes we choose the wrong food for our little hunger, especially in the evening, most people eat junk food. Try to change this habit as soon as possible. However, the question is what should you eat in the evening. Don’t worry here are some delicious and healthy food recipes we provide below. You can make it easily at your home.



Dhokla is one of the most famous and delicious vegetarians

dish in Gujrat. But it is also very popular all across India. It is an absolutely healthy and tasty snack that fills our stomachs. It provides high nutrition and low-calorie. Dhokla is also easy to make. Many people struggle to make puffy Dhokla. At first take 1 cup of fine flour, add pinches of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, some green chili paste, and 1 tablespoon sugar add water and  1 spoon rava. The batter should be medium consistency. Add Eno. place the pan in the steamer, steam for 15 to 20 minutes after that insert a toothpick you will see the result. Next, garnish with some curry leaves and coriander. Serve it after 10 minutes.


Costco chicken nuggets:

Kids love these. It is not very healthy food though but it doesn’t mean you can never eat them. Costco chicken nuggets are easy to cook. It is made of skinless and boneless white chicken breast meat. It is packed with protein and healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Place nuggets carefully in the pan allow some space. Cook for 3-4 minutes until it becomes golden brown apply the same process on the other side. Enjoy it with your evening tea and mayonnaise.


Wheat Pancakes

Wheat pancakes are healthy food for adults and children both. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals. You can have it on both breakfast and evening snacks. Use white whole wheat flour add some baking soda and sugar then mix it well. After that add an egg to white milk. Make a batter together after that add some oil to the pan and fry a small amount of the mixture. However, fry it for 2-4 minutes and serve it with a slice of banana and honey.


Potato chips

Potato chips are mostly famous for their freshness. Because people love the crunchy sound. You can make it at home just using the perfect amount of salt and crunch. First, select the same size of potatoes then wash it off. Slice it very thin, with those slice potatoes also. Add some salt and fry on a high flame. You can have it in the evening with a Mexican candy shot. Which is made with watermelon pucker and hot sauce. It’s a very refreshing drink. The potato chips and Mexican candy shot are perfect combinations.


White sauce pasta

White sauce pasta is extremely delicious and healthy food in France. Due to its high butter and cheese content, it contains cholesterol and fat. But milk provides calcium and protein. It is super easy to make. First, you need to make a white sauce with butter, milk, and flour.  Next boiled the pasta, add some sliced vegetables like capsicum, carrot, and onion. Mix all of them well on a low flame. Add some spices according to your taste and your pasta is ready to serve.



Evening snacks also played an important role in our life because they maintain blood sugar levels. It fills the gap between lunch and dinner. It can also control acidity and make us energetic. When you don’t eat in the evening that makes you hungry. And when you eat lots of food at dinner that can make you fat. Evening snacks should be healthy and under 200 calories. It can help you to sleep better.

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