Dubai’s Most High-Rise Buildings

Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates’ seven emirates, is a perfect blend of heritage and modernity. It is not only a multi-layered area with a vision, but it is also home to several architectural marvels and aesthetically pleasing skyscrapers. Structures’ architecture has changed drastically, from traditional types influenced by culture, desert terrain, and lifestyle to modernist styles with exposed glass curtain walls that tower tall and give the city a distinct identity. The 15 tallest buildings in Dubai are listed here, each contributing to the cityscape’s beauty and majesty.


1. Burj Khalifa (828m) | Dubai’s Tallest Building

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, standing in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant downtown district. The building has 163 floors and is a mixed-use complex. The Spider Lily bloom inspired the design, which was completed in 2009. It holds the world records for the tallest free-standing structure, the building with the most floors, and the world’s highest elevator installation, in addition to being the world’s tallest tower.


2. Marina 101 (426 meters) | Dubai’s tallest structure

Marina 101, Dubai’s second tallest structure, is located on the Marina seafront. The 101-story skyscraper has several visual embellishments and projections that help to break up the monotony. The building is the world’s tallest residential tower, surpassing 432 Park Avenue by only 1 meter.


3. Princess Tower (414m) | Dubai’s Tallest Buildings

The city’s third-highest structure is set among the enormous buildings of Dubai Marina and gives excellent views of the Dubai Eye and the city’s coast. Between 2012 and 2015, it was the world’s tallest residential tower. The building’s architecture is postmodern, as seen by the visible elements of the façade. A distinctive element of the construction is the ornamental dome at the top.


4. 23 Marina – 393m | Dubai Buildings

The 92-story tower, which is located between the Dubai Marina and Media City, was completed in 2012. The octagonal shape of the building tower is unique.


5. Elite Residence – 380m | Dubai’s Tallest Buildings

The skyscraper, which is located in Dubai Marina, has a view of the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island. The structure was the third tallest residential building in the world when it was completed in 2012. Several premium apartments, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom penthouses, are located on the 87-floor tower.


6. Boulevard | Dubai Building | 368 metres

The Address, located in the heart of downtown Dubai near the iconic Burj Khalifa, is one of the most well-known hotels in the UAE.  There are 196 rooms and 532 serviced apartments in the mixed-use building. The furnishings are decorated in an art deco manner, and the views of the Burj and the Dubai Fountain are spectacular. The façade’s vertical fins form a visual link between the two.


7. Almas Towers (363 meters) | Dubai’s tallest structure

The Almas Tower, popularly known as the diamond tower, is a high-rise office development located in the Jumeirah Lake Tower Freezone. The structure is inspired by the unusual shape of diamonds. The Diamond Exchange is housed atop a two-story platform that is adorned with eight triangles that are modeled after the facets of a cut diamond.


8. Hotel Gevora (356m)

The edifice, which is located on Sheik Zayed Road, has 528 suites and luxury rooms, as well as eating restaurants, a pool deck, leisure facilities, and a health club. It is the world’s tallest hotel, according to Guinness World Records. The structure’s glass façade provides abundant natural light to enter all floors.

The structure’s gold-tinted elements add to its elegance.


9. JW Marriott Marquis | Dubai Building (355m)

The 5-star luxury hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Business Bay. The hotel’s two towers are designed in an expressionist style that takes influence from the date palm tree, which is a symbol of Arab culture. The towers lie atop a seven-story platform that houses all of the public amenities.


10. Emirates Office Towers (354.6m) Dubai’s tallest structures

The Emirates Towers, completed in 2000, was one of the most distinctive skyscrapers that have appeared on Sheikh Zayed Road. Boulevard, a two-story retail area that connects the two buildings, has 54 stories

In the strict urban hardscape, the complex’s lovely environment and winding pathways help to create a distinct identity.

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