‘Daoist Health Preservation Exercises’ By Bian Zhizhong – A Review

Chinese anti-aging and longevity skilled Bian Zhizhong seems to be to herbal remedies to revive youthfulness and extend wholesome existence in ‘Daoist Health Preservation Exercises’ (1996) from China Today Press. He explains why those are simpler than conventional Western strategies ahead of surroundings out in easy-to-understand element, sensible strategies and routines with supplementary drawn illustrations for the ones to apply as a part of a moderately brief textual content (144 pp) however one jam-packed with sound sensible recommendation.

Never pass judgement on a guide through its quilt,’ they are saying. However on this case the aforementioned, appearing two Cranes strolling backward and forward with outstretched necks, will have to now not be neglected. The Crane, a Chinese Longevity image, has excellent behavior that assist in making it long-lived, These come with Qigong follow. Safe of their mountainous, forested retreats Cranes stroll backward and forward with necks outstretched calling out ‘He’ forcibly exhaling stale air after an extended day’s flying and feeding many miles away– thus the Crane’s is ‘He’ in Chinese. They also are related, by the use of 5 Elements Theory, with Water and the kidneys, therefore the affiliation between the latter and excellent fitness and longevity made through Bian Zhizhong at more than a few issues in his textual content.

The creator first of all laments the truth that workout and game don’t seem to be, through themselves, conducive to longevity, mentioning that even athletes and guide staff might age briefly and die younger. “How are we able to repair youthfulness?” (p.15) he asks,when drugs, medicine, hormone remedy, organ transplants and so forth might disenchanted the frame’s herbal stability and purpose diseases to broaden as a result (p.19). These disturb the immune gadget’s herbal development of hormone manufacturing necessarily related to the kidney-the ensuing imbalance making us extra at risk of illness and illness than ahead of.

The frame’s inside and exterior efficiency and general fitness are, he argues, best possible stepped forward through Qigong follow combining breath keep watch over, workout and exterior self-massage specializing in the ‘xiadan’ or decrease belly house of the frame (entrance and rear). The kidneys, in detail related to inside and exterior watery secretions are very important to wholesome enlargement, building and ageing. Strong kidney energy approach lengthy existence and excellent fitness and susceptible kidneys early, speedy ageing and a brief lifespan the creator states (p.17) ahead of presenting main points of the preventative and remediative workout routines of the Huashan Mountain Daoist Qigong School (to which he belongs) which focal point in this house specifically.

Exercises fall into 3 classes: i. Rhythmic Breathing (e.g. Restoring Spring p.19); ii. Exercise Routines (e.g. Dragon Swimming p.32) and iii. External Self-Massage (e.g. Rubbing the Dragon’s Head p.93). Regular blended follow of those for basic fitness and health functions, as a part of a standard workout regimen, will have to purpose noticeable enhancements to more than a few physically purposes inside of a moderately couple of minutes (my very own reports point out that that is so).

The creator then proceeds to listing often happening persistent stipulations and/or spaces of ill-health and assigns to each and every a prescription of routines drawn from i) to iii) above. This is interspersed with ‘vignettes’ taken from case-records of such remedies in motion to suggest the prospective results of devoted software of his strategies at the stipulations involved.

A last in depth file (in relation to the remedy of impotence) from a thankful ex affected person testifies to such practices’ efficacy in treating a variety of stipulations causing untold distress upon many. All this can be accomplished with out surgical operation or medicine (and the ensuing imbalances to inside physically purposes their use events) the guide makes transparent while those workout routines additionally lend a hand to take care of and repair the frame’s herbal hormonal stability on the identical time.