Cooking & Smoking With a Gas Grill

Significance: A gas grill is a device that is used for cooking. The food is cooked by applying the heat straightly from below. These grills usually use natural gas as fuel either directly or sometimes heat the grilling elements that radiate heat necessary to cook. Grills are usually available in small as well as large sizes. Some sizes are also available for industrial purposes and especially in big restaurants. These are usually installed to cook a large meat quantity for hundred or more than hundred people. These may be easily converted from one gas source to other.

Types: The recent and modern trends in these grills involve the use of infra red rays. These are provided to the burner that further heat up the whole grill. Meat items are usually cooked in these burners. There is a metal plate inside the grill that is operated by an electric motor. Meat that may be chicken roast or beef or any other is placed on this plate in smaller pieces and can be grilled easily.

Another trendy and the most emerging trend is flattop grill. It is also suitable as health and fitness is concerned. In these grills food is not directly exposed to the flame.

Moreover, wood chips are also used in some grills. These are called smoker box. These are actually used to give smoky taste to the grilled food. These are especially common in barbeque shops to give true smoky and spicy flavors to various foods. However, most experts of barbeque argued that the best smoky taste can be given only by preparing the food on slow flame. On the other hand, gas grills are difficult to work at low and slow temperatures.

Benefits: these grills are very beneficial in a number of ways. For example they are easy to handle and start. There are different buttons and dials that help in smooth functioning that anyone can do. These do not require any technical approach. The dials are simply and easily operated to control and set temperature according to the requirement. Some meals require extended periods of temperature whereas others do not. Moreover, wind can not affect in any way to the flame. Wood is also used to give smoky flavor to the foods.

Some notable Gas grills available: these are available in a wide range of prices and in numerous styles. Some top grills available in the market include,

Weber Genesis: These are considered the best ones and can lasts for a decade. You can cook anything in these. These are made of high quality parts including the burner that is of stainless steel. It also requires infrequent cleaning and lasts longer.

Napoleon Prestige: It is also high quality unit but more expensive one. It has more superior parts.

Broil king: It is a newly designed unit. It has aluminum body with combination of steel sheet, stainless steel and aluminum caps. It is a powerful and large unit that is perfect for large foods.

Broil master: These are very much suitable for professional cooking. These are expensive units but have great heat distribution according to the requirement.

Vidalia: This is a very unique unit. It has half indirect grill and half direct capabilities. The indirect grill allows slowing heating and cooking for many small items. The direct heating allows large items like beef and mutton to cook properly. It has polished aluminum body. It is a very durable item.

Natural grill: These are most often used for outdoor purposes. These are inexpensive units and durable as well. These gas grills also allow controlled temperature for better cooking.

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