Control Anxiety Attacks – Stop Anxiety For Good

Anxiety is not a good thing. I should know because I used to suffer from frequent anxiety attacks especially when problems from home and work become too overwhelming. But I never gave in. In fact, this "illness" inspired me to try some tips to control my anxiety attacks and some really work! This is the reason why I wrote this article- to help anxiety sufferers like me. Without these techniques, I would not have been able to control my personal life as well as I am today … so read on.

What's really bad about anxiety attacks is that it can happen anywhere and it is so embarrassing when you are in a public place or gathering. The technique I employ is proper preparation. In the morning, I check my schedule. If I am attending a party for example, I see to it that an empty room or a quiet and secluded place is available nearby so in case my anxiety level goes up, there is a convenient place for me to relax until they subside.

Any quiet place is where I can tell myself to calm down over and over again while doing deep breathing exercises is perfect. I also count from one to ten slowly while trying to relax my mind. These tips to control anxiety attacks are very effective for me.

Anxiety results when you feel like you are losing control of something. Problems can catapult you to an anxiety attack and the best way to counter this is to think positive thoughts. The best way to cure anxiety is to learn how to love yourself and always train your mind to summon confidence at any given moment.
Having a source of inspiration is a good way to control anxiety attacks. Every time you feel like you are about to have another anxiety attack, think of someone you really, really love and how that person makes you feel good about yourself. I always think of my kids, their smiles and all … and it really works!

I also take Valerian Root capsules during the day when I begin to feel anxiety about something. Chamomile tea is also something that works for me to calm my nervous feelings. I read recently how important it is to get enough magnesium in the diet because most people are not getting the recommended daily allowance of this important mineral. Magnesium works very well for calming nerves and is required for healthy functioning of nerves.

I also take a vitamin B-12 supplement since it is also vital for healthy nerves. There are other natural supplements for anxiety that you can research online. They are a much better alternative to taking medications for anxiety attacks.

I cannot of course speak for everyone but I suggest you try these tips to control anxiety attacks or you can check the Internet for other countless methods offered online in controlling this "ugly" emotion. To conclude what I have to say: Love yourself and always think positive. These will surely beat anxiety for good.

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