Container Herb Gardens Made Easy

Contemplating your own container herb garden ?

Planting a collection of pots with fragrant herbs to snip and enjoy all season is a great idea!

With your own potted herb gardens, you can cultivate a wide variety of aromatic herbs and add splash to your space, while making the most of the small spaces in and around your home, like patios, balconies, and sunny windows.

In sheltered areas outdoors or inside windows that get sun for just a few hours a day, take advantage of herbs that thrive in part shade: parsley, sweet cicely and sweet violets. Also try bay, clary sage, salad burnet, tansy and yarrow. White tiles and white walls will intensify the available light to help them along.

Potted gardens located above ground-level like on a roof or balcony should be structurally safe.

Protect container herb gardens located in windy areas with screening. Lighter pots should be anchored or weighted.

Many herbs, when planted in containers, look their best surrounded by top-dressing, especially if there is a lot of exposed soil.

Decorative toppings like polished rocks, tumbled glass, sea shells, quartz, pebbles, glass beads, and sheet moss are easy to find at garden centers and craft stores.

Avoid planting soft-leaved herbs like lemon balm or angelica in windy areas, because their leaves suffer becoming torn and tattered. Instead, plant narrow-leaved evergreens like rosemary or lavender which are more suited to windy locations.

Planting herbs in decorative containers add fresh fragrance to your home. And with them so close at hand, you'll be encouraged to make maximum use of their leaves.

Growing herbs indoors have the added advantage of a longer growing season while also gaining protection from severe weather.

The needs of most herbs are simple. They require light, water, air humidity, and freedom from draught and extreme temperatures.

Whether planted indoors or out, most herbs look prettier and do better in groups. Planting herbs in groups also creates a beneficial micro-climate and also makes watering easier.

Placing herb pots on sunny window sills or using grow lights to ensure their light requirements are met are the two most convenient ways to grow a potted herb garden indoors. You can also incorporate potted herbs on shelves or anchor them to surrounding walls to make full use of the bright light in any room.

Consider growing herbs to decorate the different rooms of your home: Clipped bay in a sunny foyer, peppermint in the moist air of a bright bathroom, or pineapple sage and lemon verbena to scent your living room.

Experimenting with container herb gardens – indoors and out – is part of the fun of grow herbs. They are an appetizing addition, literally and figuratively.

Article Source Link by Mercedes Campbell