Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with New and beautiful Rakhis available Online


Raksha Bandhan is a celebration focused on sibling love and bond. According to the English Calendar, the festival is celebrated in Shravana, which is August, the month. Sisters tie rakhi around their brother’s wrist, which symbolizes an intimate bond. Brothers pledge to support and protect the sisters throughout their lives. The older sisters tied a common thread on their brother’s wrists, but nowadays, there are various designs offered. Also, you can choose to send online Rakhi  effortlessly to any location you wish. Previously, it was not so simple to send rakhis to different cities or countries, and it is now simple with the help of various online platforms. Here are some different Rakhi designs are available on the internet:

  1. Spiritual Rakhi Spiritual Rakhi spiritual rakhis have become popular nowadays. Rakhis include Om and the swastika symbol. They are thought to be highly favorable. It is also possible to find the rudraksha rakhion the internet. These rakhis adorned with rudraksha include one or two rudraksha stones on them that are beautiful and significantly affect the person wearing them. Ek Onkar Rakhi is also an excellent option to gift your brother. When you want to send online Rakhi, you might want to think about buying spiritual rakhis to gift your brother.
  2. Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi-When you’ve married your brothers, it’s a great idea to tie a rakhi around your brother and your sister-in-law. Unique couple rakhis are sold in stores and online in the same styles and colors. Lumba rakhis are also sold on the internet, specially designed for sisters-in-law. If you love Bhabhi and bhaiya, you should buy a gorgeous set of bhaiya-bhabhi rakhis online.
  3. Rakhi for kids-Kids are amazed by every festival. Therefore, why not purchase Rakhis designed explicitly for children. They come with cartoon characters such as Doremon Pikachu, spiderman, and Chota bheem. They also have Tom and Jerry, among others. The rakhis are adorable, and your kids are sure to love them.
  4. Kundan Rakhis:These are beautiful designer rakhis decorated with Kundan stones. They look gorgeous. You can find a massive selection of Kundan rakhis on the internet studded with various colors of stones. The rakhis are designed that might be expensive, but their beauty is worth the cost.
  5. Traditional rakhisare created using simple threads and have a few beats. They appear elegant and straightforward. There is an impressive selection of conventional rakhis on the internet. If you have a brother who loves simple things, this is his ideal present.
  6. God’s RakhiRakhis featuring Ganesh Ji, Krishna Ji, and Hanuman Ji is well-known. They are stunning and divine. If you choose to send one of them to your loved ones, it’s as if you are sending blessings from God inside that Rakhi. They are available in a variety of unique and beautiful.
  7. Blue Evil Eye RakhiThe evil eye has been believed to shield the person from negative energies and bad luck. Thus sending a blue evil-eye Rakhi would signify that you wish to protect your beloved brother from any negative energy to ensure that he is content and prosperous. You can also locate red rakhis for evil eyes online. Please select the one you like and then send it to the preferred address.
  8. Agate Stone RakhisStone rakhis of Agate have been trending for some time. They are available in various colors and appear distinctive and unique. If your family member is interested in individual items, this is a perfect choice.

Additionally, you can order rakhis to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and other international destinations.


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