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NOIDA: ‘Dabangg’ is fine for Bollywood but not your car or bike. Neither are stickers that announce your caste to the world. This is the message Noida police sent out to motorists in the city ahead of Diwali by penalising more than 250 drivers whose vehicles sported such stickers.
Using stickers that affix a certain ‘personality’ to cars is a widespread practice in Delhi-NCR. Finding a kindred spirit in the Bollywood crusader, Chulbul Pandey, may not just end in quiet admiration: it’s quite likely that a ‘Dabangg Boy’ sticker will be the next step, advertised on the windscreen or the registration plate.

113 people were challaned for having casteist displays on vehicles, 91 were fined for display of “aggressive” words
It’s a clear violation of the Motor Vehicles Act that police have been largely ignoring. “The practice of writing aggressive remarks or casteist words on number plates needs to be discouraged. Such writings create a feeling of insecurity among people and become a nuisance. Hence, we have taken action against them,” Noida police chief Vaibhav Krishna said.
More than 250 bikers and car drivers were penalised in Noida and Greater Noida on Friday as part of the ongoing ‘Operation Clean’, police said. While 113 people, including 100 in the city area, were challaned for having casteist displays on their vehicles, as many as 91 people, including 78 in the city area, were fined for having “aggressive” words on their vehicles, officials said.
More than 50 people were fined for tampering with registration plates to make the numbers look like a word or simply emblazoning caste names and other terms or phrases (like ‘Numberdaar’ and ‘Dad’s gift’) on the plates. The fine for a first offence is Rs 300 and Rs 500 for a repeat offence.
Moreover, nearly 150 vehicle owners, including 138 bikers, were penalised for various other violations of the Motor Vehicles Act. Krishna, who received praise on Twitter for the crackdown, said, “The drive was to give a message to those who like to flaunt their caste on their vehicles or use ‘derogatory’ words, those who don’t care to change their damaged number plates and criminals who tamper with registration plates.”
Police said similar action would continue in the coming days and appealed to people to abide by the law and follow traffic rules for hassle-free movement. “The checking drive has been planned from Dhanteras till Bhai Dooj on Tuesday in order to ensure celebrations that are free of worry,” said the SSP.
Police said the penalties were imposed under section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act and rule numbers 50 and 51 of the MV rules 1989 under which any kind of tampering with number plates is punishable. “Apart from the casteist remarks, people often write religious slogans too. This is a violation,” said Krishna.
In September 2019, Jaipur police had also launched a crackdown on motorists for displaying caste, religion, profession or affiliation to political parties on their vehicles.

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