Can I Just Do Cardio and Lose Weight?

One of the questions raised by people wanting to know the answer to "How do I lose belly fat?" is whether they can eat what they want and just do cardio to lose weight. The honest answer is, you can, but it's not the best or the easiest way.

Gentle cardiovascular exercise, like walking around the block, certainly burns calories. As long as you aren't walking around the block and stopping at the donut shop, it's always possible that you will manage to burn more calories than you consume, but that's going to be an awful lot of walking.

Let's say you weigh 160 pounds and you want to weigh 150 pounds. (Yes, there are people who only need to lose 10 pounds.) You decide you are going to eat anything you please and walk your weight away. You are going to walk really, really slow because you are walking with your pet chihuahua Fifi on a leash and you don't want to her to get tired. You are going to walk 2 miles an hour, and you are going to walk a whole mile at 2 miles an hour each and every day.

How long will it take you to lose 10 pounds?

A. 1 week.
B. 2 weeks.
C. 3 weeks.
D. 16 months

The correct answer is D, sixteen months. At 160 pounds, walking 1 mile at 2 miles an hour burns 73 calories. Every pound of fat requires burning 3500 calories. And that's if you don't eat more. If you stop at the donut shop and eat just one donut one day a week, you wipe out a whole week's weight loss. If you stop at the donut shop and eat a donut twice a week, you will actually gain weight. Over sixteen months, you will gain 5 pounds by walking and eating anything want. This is not exactly the result you are looking for.

There's nothing at all wrong with doing cardio. You'll feel better. It really is good for your cardiovascular system. But it is very, very difficult to burn enough calories doing just cardio-and you certainly can't lose weight doing cardio if you eat anything you want.

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