Building Team Confidence

Team Confidence

When a Team Has Confidence

The coaches interviewed gave a number of tricks to search for when a workforce has self assurance corresponding to:

a) They are ready for the sport they usually perceive what must be executed

b) The means they bring themselves, somewhat strut, however targeted.

c) They have routines sooner than a sport that cause them to really feel particular.

d) They have a targeted glance of their eye.

e) They aren’t afraid to invite questions at follow.

f) They are most likely doing smartly at school and in relationships.

g) At video periods they ask questions and make notes.

h) They have luck at the box they usually know they’ve accomplished luck.

i) They sound like coaches at practices, video games, and within the locker room once they communicate to one another.

j) They reassure every different as to what they’ve to do on this sport.

In addition the trainer must discover ways to acknowledge the indicators that counsel low workforce self assurance. There are glaring signs which a trainer can understand corresponding to:

a) A lower in sport and follow workforce statistics

b) Losing streaks

c) Slumps-not appearing as much as their skill

d) General lethargy at practices

e) Shoulders slumped ahead once they stroll as a bunch

f) Looking at combatants and dreading the sport towards them

g) Talking about shedding or failing sooner than enjoying an combatants

h) Saying that our workforce isn’t superb

i) Lack of eye touch with others

j) Nodding their head “no” when talking of achieving the workforce function

ok) Non-verbal indicators that point out a lack of self assurance or religion within the workforce

Team Confidence Exercises

These workout routines can be utilized at the beginning or end of practices when a workforce is in a stoop, misplaced various video games in a row, aren’t appearing in addition to they be capable of carry out, or are appearing signs of missing self assurance.

1. At the tip of follow have the avid gamers at the workforce stand in a circle and inform the participant on their left what that participant did smartly lately at follow. Make positive they appear into the participant’s eyes once they discuss. Have the participant receiving the praise say “thanks”. Players will go away the follow felling just right about themselves.

2. At the tip of follow have every participant inform the workforce what the workforce did smartly at follow lately. This could be a technical or non-technical remark. For example a participant can say that the workforce communicated smartly lately all through the scrimmage or that they performed tricky defence.

3. At the tip of follow have avid gamers determine one power the workforce has from their viewpoint. The trainer should make an observation of one of the most strengths that have been identified and all through long run practices and video games, fortify those strengths. This will assist the workforce to assume extra definitely about their talents as a result of they recognized the ones strengths. The trainer should remember to emphasize the truth that those are the strengths the workforce has recognized. The trainer wishes to emphasise the ones strengths that they trust in order that they’re honest once they indicate the workforce strengths.

4. In a atmosphere clear of the courtroom have them take part as a bunch to create an inventory of strengths for every particular person at the workforce. Give every participant an index card and a decal label for every participant at the workforce. If there are 12 avid gamers at the workforce you’re going to want 11 stickers consistent with participant. Each particular person writes one to a few positives sides that their teammate brings to the workforce, at the decal label. The certain feedback can describe the teammate’s attributes that assist the workforce. After the workforce has finished this activity, one teammate passes their index card round and every teammate verbally tells them the strengths they create to the workforce and puts the decal label at the index card for the participant. Every participant does the similar for this participant. When every participant has instructed the teammate their checklist of certain attributes the teammate has an index card full of 11-33 certain statements about themselves. The participant is instructed to stay the index card and seek advice from it on every occasion they doubt their contribution to the workforce or lose self assurance.

5. If quantity Four is just too time eating the trainer could have the avid gamers do that at house and convey again their checklist of certain attributes for every teammate to the trainer. The trainer or supervisor can bring together the checklist of attributes for every participant and provides it to them.

6. Have every participant carry an inspirational quote, poem, or slogan for the day or week to follow and browse the quote to the workforce. It is essential that the quote has a distinct that means to the participant presenting it. The trainer can then acquire the quotes and distribute them to the avid gamers by means of electronic mail or paper. The trainer might need to give the accountability to every participant to electronic mail the quote to every workforce member. If the trainer places the quotes on paper they will have to be positioned within the avid gamers’ journals/vanity books for long run studying.

7. Practice focal point or objectives

a) At the beginning of follow determine the focal point of the follow in a single to a few objectives.

b) At the tip of follow ask the workforce how they did of their development towards the recognized objectives.

c) For instance the function could also be to enhance a technical ability corresponding to rebounding within the sport of basketball. In a 10 minute scrimmage the function could also be to get Five offensive rebounds consistent with workforce and Five defensive rebounds consistent with workforce.

d) The trainer could have the executive rely the rebounds for every squad. At the tip of follow you’ll put this of their workforce room if one is to be had or you’ll percentage it with the workforce verbally on the finish of the follow consultation.

e) Each trainer can select their very own objectives and create their very own checklist. For instance the trainer and workforce can come to a decision that they would like a function of 20 offensive rebounds and 80% foul taking pictures.

f) During video games there could also be statistical sheets to be had by way of the league. If no longer the trainer could have the executive or assistant stay statistics for the workforce.

g) In the workforce atmosphere it is very important speak about workforce statistics and no longer particular person statistics.

8. Recognition

a) Sincerity in reputation by way of the trainer is essential

b) If an athlete plays particularly smartly reputation in entrance of the crowd is just right. I might counsel {that a} participant who does no longer play steadily or one that’s not typically identified will have to be identified for just right play in entrance of the crowd.

c) Recognition by way of the trainer for the avid gamers who paintings laborious on defence or are just right passers is superb comments for the workforce. This will display the workforce that the trainer values laborious paintings and energy in spaces the place there isn’t quite a lot of reputation. The trainer might say, “nice cross John, you place up the function with that cross” or “Brian, your laborious paintings on defence actually stored us within the sport. Your tackling used to be very good lately”

d) Remember that the prime scorers and the celebs get reputation publicly so that you should not have to do it in entrance of the workforce. Individual reputation in non-public by way of the trainer is a greater approach to display your reputation to the celebs. For instance, “Ken you might be at all times main along with your just right play and scoring. I need you to understand that I respect your contribution to the workforce.”

9. Self-esteem books/journals -Allison McNeill, Canadian National ladies’s basketball trainer

a) Write Five issues that you simply upload to our workforce

b) List 10-15 issues that you simply actually like about your self

c) List the qualities that you simply recognize maximum in others

d) During the season avid gamers write one thing certain in every different’s books. This is completed typically mid means into the season

e) The trainer might say, “nice cross John, you place up the function with that cross.” or “Brian, your laborious paintings on defence actually stored us within the sport. Your tackling used to be very good lately.”

10. In a faculty, membership or college position the pictures of the avid gamers on a bulletin board with their names below the photograph in order that other people will know who they’re. Players get self assurance once they know other people care about them despite the fact that they might not be the most productive workforce.

11. At follow placed on 7 attackers towards Five defenders if a workforce has an issue scoring. This means they may be able to reach luck more uncomplicated and self assurance of their offence will enhance.

12. Create a spotlight video of the workforce’s successes towards nice groups to turn them what we will do as a workforce. If you should not have highlights of the present workforce then use former groups from this system to fret this system’s luck. It turns out to be useful as a result of they’re a part of a program this is greater than this actual workforce.

13. Talk about your workforce and program successes to the workforce. Brag about them however take into account you can not say issues that aren’t true.

14. Have graduates of this system come again to speak to the workforce about their certain reports at the workforce and what this system did for them and for his or her self assurance particularly.

15. If you’ve got a championship banner, trophy, or memorabilia carry it to the workforce and display them what this workforce has completed or different groups in this system have completed.

16. Handout motivational quotes or tales

Sharing motivational tales or quotes in a written shape can also be uplifting for a workforce. Sometimes avid gamers are feeling valued and want one thing tangible to learn. “You are a Key Player” is one instance.

You are a Kxy Playxr

Xvxn despite the fact that my typxwritxr is an outdated modxl, it really works vxry wxll-xxcxpt for onx kxy. You would assume that with all thx othxr kxys functioning propxrly, onx kxy no longer running would hardly ever bx noticxd; however simply onx kxy out of whack sxxms to wreck thx wholx xffort.

You might say to yoursxlf, “Wxll I’m best onx playxr. No onx will noticx if I do not do my bxst.” But it doxs makx a diffxrxncx bxcausx to bx xffxctivx a txam nxxds activx participation by way of xvxry onx to thx bxst of his or hxr skill.

So thx nxxt timx you assume you arx no longer essential rxmxmbxr my outdated typxwritxr. You arx a kxy playxr. (Adapted from Communications Briefings, 1989)

Team Confidence Anecdotes


I’m sharing a self assurance tale despatched to me by way of certainly one of my volunteer pupil athletic running shoes who labored for me for 3 years. I instructed him that I used to be penning this e book and this used to be his reaction……… “So, about your challenge………One factor that you’ll surely come with is how by way of any individual supplying you with self assurance and letting you imagine that you’ll reach anything else, that this is sufficient to be successful. An ideal instance of that is what you probably did to me. You gave me self assurance in my talents to be the workforce teacher and maintain accidents with the ladies when no longer many of us believed, after I first began particularly, that I can be a contributor to any workforce. On days that I might say to myself that I might no longer be capable of reach a specific activity that you simply had asked from me, I might forestall and assume that you wouldn’t question me to do it when you did not imagine that I may do it within the first position. That by myself gave me the power not to do just what you had requested me to do however I might attempt to transcend the decision of accountability as smartly. Thanks trainer and I’m hoping I by no means mean you can down.”


One of my co-captains, Angelia Crealock in 2001 made Team Necklaces for every member of the workforce. She additionally gave me one as a memento. The necklaces have been fabricated from white, yellow and black beads. Attached to every necklace used to be the next clarification written on a card:

“12 white beads=12 individuals of the workforce

yellow beads=want

black beads=braveness

This necklace symbolizes the cohesion of the 12 individuals.

Wear the necklace to turn that you simply imagine, we as a workforce, can win a National Championship. To do that we should all show the will and the braveness that the beads constitute.”

This is an instance of a participant taking possession of the workforce and appearing management to offer just right workforce self assurance. This used to be yet one more step to stepped forward workforce self assurance for this 2001 championship workforce. The workforce individuals have been deeply touched and every participant wore the necklace on a regular basis, together with me. I made positive that the avid gamers noticed my necklace as I wore it so it may well be simply noticed maximum days. That workforce received the 2001 Atlantic University championship in tremendous taste and went onto the National Championship the place the workforce completed 6th.

Be cautious what you are saying………it will come true

In 1978 which used to be my first season as trainer at Dalhousie University, the ladies’s basketball workforce misplaced within the last by way of 27 issues. The avid gamers had their heads hung after one of these beating. I walked in the back of the bench and as they sat feeling dejected and stated to them, “In two years the rating might be reversed so stay running.” We endured to paintings towards changing into a championship workforce. In 1980 we received the Atlantic Women’s Basketball Championship by way of 27 issues. And it used to be towards the similar workforce who beat us by way of 27 issues in 1978. I temporarily identified to our workforce all through the birthday celebration that I had stated two years in the past that this is able to occur. Most of them didn’t even bring it to mind. However, I did and possibly it used to be essential for me to mention in order that I might imagine one day of the workforce.

You may say that it used to be success! I disagree. I imagine it used to be planting the seed with those avid gamers so they’d imagine in themselves and following up by way of doing the important day-to-day paintings to win the championship. This workforce additionally completed 2d within the Canadian University Basketball Championship that season.

Interestingly, in 1999 my Dalhousie University ladies’s basketball workforce misplaced within the semi-final sport by way of 30 issues to the similar workforce we misplaced to by way of 27 in 1978 last sport. After that loss I spoke to the workforce and stated, “In two years the tables might be grew to become. The rating might be in our favour.” In the 2001 semi-final sport we beat the similar workforce by way of 28 issues and my basketball workforce went directly to win the 2001 Atlantic University Basketball Championship. Is that success once more? I feel no longer. It is appearing trust on your workforce and doing the paintings to assist them win the championship.

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