Blog Network Backlinks, Blogging Underground Bonus, and Gaga Vs Franklin, What?

Do you currently market products or services on the internet? If yes, then you’ve got to believe that the two best sources of traffic you can get are links from other relevant websites, as well as organic search traffic, both of which can be achieved via an intelligent backlinking campaign.

Truth be told, links are what the entire internet functions on. They effectively connect searchers with the precise goods, services, entertainment, or information they really want. For this reason alone, links will never lose their power for as long as the internet exists.

The search engines treat links pointing at any URL as a sort of “popularity vote” for that particular URL. Maybe you’ve got a site selling mp3 players and on one page, you’re selling a pink iPod Nano. In order to get that page ranked on the 1st page of Google for the keyword “pink iPod Nano,” you want as many links saying “pink iPad Nano” pointing to YOUR page as you can possibly get.

Your rankings in the SERPS, and ultimately your traffic, will be greatly determined by the number of keyword-specific backlinks you have “casting votes” for your pages.

But while the number of links you have pointing at your web pages is certainly important, it is by no means the only criteria you should consider for great search engine rankings. In all reality, you can have hundreds of low quality links, your competition can have just 10 or so super high-quality links, and they will actually outrank you!

Imagine it in terms of a poll which is taken in order to determine the world’s greatest popular singer. Perhaps 500 9th graders are polled and over half of them say that Lady Gaga is the greatest. But do you think the people taking this poll would side with these children if they also polled 10 well-known, accomplished vocalists and 5 A&R reps who all say that Aretha Franklin is easily the best singer around? No chance.

The opinions of industry pros will be valued much more highly than those of non-experts. Does it make any difference that it was hundreds vs. only fifteen? No.

However, the opinions of a hundred industry pros will certainly perform better than those of merely the fifteen, so the real power comes from getting the best of both worlds. We’re looking for quality and quantity.

So how does all of this pertain to getting links back to your site? You see, a superior quality weblink is one that’s extremely relevant (the same as a superstar inside the music world is relevant to music). Moreover, it is heavily revered (just like a person who has become famous thanks to their superb skill).

To the point, you want to get inbound links from other websites which are relevant to the page you’re trying to get ranked; primarily those that carry sufficient PR (page rank). These are the sites that will probably provide you with perhaps the most commanding “link juice” you will find online.

Google loves sites which are being linked to from many high quality and relevant sites, using specific and relevant keyword hyperlinks set within useful, unique, and relevant text. This is truly search engine and traffic gold for you.

Regularly posting to a high-quality blog network like Free Traffic System or Blogging Underground can really make this happen for you in a hurry, and should be considered as one of your top priorities (and maybe even THE top priority) when it comes to building links back to your site.

Article Source Link by Bob W. Cowell