Black Walnut Trees Produce A Natural Insecticide

The black walnut tree manufactures a substance that may be a

herbal insecticide consistent with mavens on the Texas State

University in Austin.

American black walnut tress include a tannic acid chemists

name juglone. The reddish yellow substance leaches from

leaves, and a few imagine exudes from roots, or transfers

from branches and foliage to the roots. Tree physiologists

agree that roots of alternative crops that are available touch with

the ones black walnut tree roots die–even different black walnut


Juglone is on occasion washed out of the nonetheless inexperienced walnuts

right through overdue summer time and even autumn rains. The expansion of

crops 60 to 80 toes away are inhibited by way of the juglone. The

substance impacts crops of quite a lot of households. Studies have

discovered that tomatoes, alfalfa, potatoes, apples,

blackberries, rhododendron, mountain laurel and pine bushes

are all affected.

According to a professor and extension forester at Iowa

State University, juglone is understood to repel quite a lot of lawn

bugs. Just by way of putting branches of the tree across the

space and underneath furnishings canine and cat house owners are amazed to

in finding that their pets have fewer fleas.

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