Alfalfa Died For Our Sins – Old Time Hollywood Kept it Real Not Like Todays Contrived Celebrity Bore

The wonderful thing about being a Baby Boomer is we got to witness the greatness that was once Hollywood inside the 1950's, 60's and 70's when celebrities stored it exact and weren't the contrived untalented bores they are in this day and age. My largest gripe is that in this day and age's has beens make over $ 200,000 a 12 months with Reality TV Shows and convention appearances which seems like a gorgeous good living to me while the poor has beens of the day prior to this were actually down and out and stored it exact. Not that I'd need their suffering on any individual alternatively it seemed additional forever than not, that the day prior to this's fallen celebrities, wound up identical to the past due, great, Alfalfa Switzer, celebrity of "Our Gang", who was once shot to loss of life over an alleged $ 50 debt as his film career was once going down the tubes. Alfalfa was once my first "One Name Star"! Nowadays, they're all over the place- we're just about understanding of first names!

Yes, problems were finished for publicity once more then alternatively not to the extent they are in this day and age. Back then, there were very best three TV networks, and the only time we ever really spotted or be told in regards to the stars was once within the match that they’d been on a Late Night TV Show or profiled in a consistent with 30 days magazine or on a daylight hours sport show. Today, the so referred to as stars are on TV and the internet day by day they usually seem to think they're "too good" to be on a daylight hours sport show. I don't know about you alternatively I consider I've had Britney, Brad, Lindsey, Paris, Angelina, and all the other first names, rammed down my face any such lot that I just about actually really feel they're relatives.

The issue is I don't want them to be family- they all totally bore me and strike me as totally contrived caricature characters masquerading as folks. As some distance as I know, most of the people once more then weren't so delusional to think that they’d the right kind to stalk, attack or kill celebrities like Rebecca Schaeffer, Theresa Salaena and Uma Thurman and weren't so obsessive concerning the minutia of the stars lives like in this day and age. When I was a teen inside the past due 60's, I believed it could be great being a celeb alternatively these days I wouldn't need it on any individual. To me its a sucker's deal!

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