A Complete Guide for Buying Minecraft Server to Enjoy the Best Performance


Minecraft is a highly popular and innovative game with a unique model where the players enjoy extended control over different aspects of gaming. If we want to enjoy the optimum experience then we have to buy Minecraft servers, not just any conventional server that is essentially meant for website hosting. At the same time it is also necessary to have the right resources and configuration to max out the server performance.


The Java-specific server consumes a high volume of RAM in no time and traditional web hosting servers are no match for such requirements. We will now explain to you the best tips to buy a Minecraft server that offers reliable performance that perfectly justifies the costs you pay





Threading is the key when talking about vast Minecraft servers. Buy a server with plenty of threads and cores along with a liberal clock speed. The server capabilities build the gaming experience so avoid skimping on that. For instance, the 3.5 GHz quad offers you an excellent and smooth experience without choppy performances.

Hard drives

Agility is the key to build enjoyable experiences when it Minecraft server. More speed translates into smooth operations even if several players are playing simultaneously. SSD can seamlessly boost the speed to significant levels. So, for your server’s OS, it is best to utilize SSD for storing the server and world files. For balancing the overall budget you can use a conventional SATA drive for backups.

Raid 1 is another must-have for a robust Minecraft experience. It is a pair of the same type of drive and the data is mirrored between both the drive which allows you to have two copies of data at any time. In that case, the disk failure will not affect your server continuity as you can insert another, healthy drive from where the server can copy the same data.

The SSD size depends upon the size of your world and generally ranges between 60GB SSD and 256GB SSD.



For huge servers with 40 or more slots it is best to buy a dedicated server to ensure that the increasing number of players should not affect the performance. For people with a fairly small player base, it is best to buy a cloud server with decent performance and reasonable prices.





GUI or Graphical User Interface consumes lots of RAM, CPU, and disk leaving you with fewer resources for running the server. So, when planning for the large server it is best to go for non-GUI Linux. Knowledge is the key here to extract the maximum potential out of your hardware ecosystem. Windows OS is generally considered as an inferior choice if your objective is to enjoy an uninterrupted excellent minecraft experience. On the other hand, Linux proactively perks up your performance and ensures smooth, agile gaming experience. Even on the cost front it is much cheaper to utilize Linux OS. People with excellent Linux command line knowledge can optimize things to get up to 800% higher hardware performance.


Minecraft gobbles up tons of RAM and as you play the game on a regular, constant basis you practically realize this. It demands massive data on the client as well as server level. For a comfortable and smooth playing experience, you need RAM- and loads of it. If more always translates to merrier for you while adding players then RAM is quintessential for you.

Even for the modest amount go for 1GB Java RAM but if you are using many plugins or wish to allow a large number of players then the required amount increases correspondently. Avoid over-allocation to maintain smooth performance throughout and prevent outages. AT any given point in time there should be a sufficient margin between the RAM being utilized and the maximum RAM.

ramdisk offers you a specific physical space reserved for file storage and it excels in the speed pacing even ahead of SSD. Upon losing the power the ram’s data is automatically cleared which means you need to have a reliable provision/device for copying server/world files before the physical server is switched off.

So if you wish to utilize ramdisk you would need a sufficiently spare quantity of ram as well as relevant scrip for regular copying of world data to your physical Minecraft server.



For each connected user typically 100Mn is consumed per hour but you can adjust it to meet your specific needs. The bandwidth generally follows a monthly calculation with a set speed (on a specific amount. Clients with unmetered ports don’t have to follow such restrictions. Accelerating port speed won’t have any actual effect if you aren’t utilizing the allocated bandwidth.



It is always best to tell your Minecraft hosting provider about your specific gaming requirements in terms of the desired number of players or the speed demands. It allows your account manager to fine-tune the server configuration, settings, and resources for guarantying an optimum Minecraft playing experience.


Minecraft tops the list of most popular games around the world due to its unique model that offers extended controls to the players. However, to get the best Minecraft playing experience you need to invest in a good Minecraft server especially if you prefer multiplayer games and like to invite a large number of players. With a good Minecraft server, you can enjoy an uninterrupted experience without choppy performance or altering speeds. At the same time, it is equally important to choose the right configuration to get excellent throughput. In this guide, we shared some of the vital points to keep in mind while buying a Minecraft server that will help you in taking the informed decisions.