5 unique qualities of best SEO providers

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Everyone wants to gain a top position on Google but it isn’t an easy thing. Google strictly analyzes several factors before ranking any site. However, it doesn’t mean that your website can never acquire a good ranking on Google. By hiring the right SEO provider you can optimize your entire site as per Google’s guidelines to improve your ranking. Here are 5 major qualities that separate best SEO providers from the rest of the industry:

Identifying major issues on your website

Another major thing to check with your SEO agency is the specific issues that your site has. It could be related to technical SEO, content quality, broken links, slow speed, or other front-end/backend issues. An expert SEO agency should be able to do a thorough analysis of your site and highlight the issues found. Moreover, they also have a satisfying answer on how they would prioritize the optimization task. They also need to mention the specific methods they would use to rectify the issues. A convincing answer in this regard shows that the agency is well-versed in digital marketing campaigns and work on a solid route map with a well-defined workflow and realistic goals.


A realistic and streamlined way to measure success

A diverse range of metrics play a role in determining the SEO growth of your site. Ideal monthly SEO packages have a definitive way and clear guidelines to measure the SEO growth of your site. One thing to remember here is that there should be a unique approach to measure the SEO growth of different sites. The reputed SEO agency analyzes different factors like bounce rate, campaign success, bounce rate, etc. to determine how they align with your short/long term objectives.


The professional SEO experts regularly analyze the key performance indicators based on many factors. It allows them to understand the outcome of their efforts and also detect and fill the gaps.


Frequent reports in a comprehensible format

While most of the SEO agencies send you timely reports, it is very important to be as specific as possible- right from the beginning. Many SEO agencies send you incomplete or complicated reports that are quite difficult to decipher. Others may send you “optimized reports” highlighting only positive points while glossing over any shortcomings. So, to realize the best benefit of SEO performance reports, check with your SEO agency about the format of the report, its contents, visual presentation, frequency, etc.


Moreover it is also important to ask for the option of customized reports based on your specific concerns. Reliable SEO services encourage their clients to proactively demand personalized report services.  It is because they want to reasonably educate their clients on the basics of SEO so they should be able to appreciate the services and also hold a meaningful detailed discussion.


Testimonials and case study reports of past clients

A well-experienced SEO agency should feel proud in showing you the testimonials, discussing real life case study reports, and giving references. It shows the actual potential of that SEO agency.


Here we aren’t suggesting that you should demand complete details of the clients and projects as each agency has to respect privacy. However, they should be able to mention the case study reports and experience of about 4-5 satisfied clients.


While discussing the past cases and clients an ideal SEO agency reveals the key stats like annual traffic growth, conversation rate, remaking on certain keywords, etc. It confirms that what they are telling is true and not just a story.



Updated with latest SEO guidelines

Google uses a large number of factors as a yardstick to rank your site. They already have more than 200 different ranking factors but the list is fast increasing.


Moreover these factors are modified and changed constantly. So, your SEO service provider needs to stay updated about all the latest SEO guidelines and modifications. Dedicated and committed SEO providers to make it a point to thoroughly read and understand the latest changes in SEO guidelines/ranking factors so that they can make the needed changes to their digital marketing strategies. Along with new ranking factors, the changing Google algorithm and new SEO methods with demonstrated results are some important issues that expert SEO providers keep themselves updated about through trusted sources.


It is very important to hire an ideal SEO agency to improve your ranking on Google and enjoy long term benefits. In this blog we mentioned some of the major factors to be considered while hiring the SEO Company. Based on the same you can create a checklist to make sure that you get the best output out of your digital marketing investment.