5 ideal place to celebrate your workations in India


When the Work at Home concept started, everyone adopted and loved it. No office politics, no sneaking bosses, no noisy colleagues and no potpourri of sounds, scenes and thoughts- it is just you and your work. However, with time the peoples’ perspectives started changing as the after-effects of mundane lifestyle sets in- loneliness, domestic noise, disturbed schedules and an unbalanced equation between personal and professional lives with each of the two usurping the other’s territory quite so often. With the strict travel rules now relaxed but many businesses still allowing remote working, the exhausted workers now have a choice to work remotely without losing productivity and focus. Yes, we are talking about Workation- a kind of vacation that allows you to enjoy “some work and some vacation” simultaneously. Think about working from a camp in a mountainous city, or while enjoying the coastal scenes of Goa on your lounge chair! If these thoughts make you jump with excitement then you would probably love to explore the best places for workation.

So, we have carefully compiled this list of some of the workation places that would suit the diverse tastes. It is especially useful for the budget travelers as these places have economical staying options available. Whether you love the serenity of mountains or adore the rich community life- you can always pick the right destination from the list:



Goa is famous for its beaches, nightlife, old churches and coastal beauty. You would also love the heavy Portuguese hangover in the air. Just roaming around the streets will have you filled with an elation. There is a queer carelessness- a childlike incapacity to take life seriously, in its residents- and you would certainly love it- better to enjoy life playfully than to mask it with a sullen blanket of seriousness.

Community life is at its best in Goa which is a welcome thing for gregarious personalities.

Peace loving people can visit quieter places- old churches are great, and you can always find at least one quiet corner at some beaches or at a little distance from the shoreline. Be informed that Goa isn’t all about the beaches, rave parties etc. Different regions have different personalities. South Goa is different from North Goa and then there is also Old Goa. A little research can make your journey more rewarding.

For workation it is best to visit South Goa as North is much more “happening” and you may easily get distracted. For the same reason it is easier to build valuable networks with remote working fraternity in south Goa. Besides, being more peaceful this part of Goa offers you the mind space needed for productivity.



Puducherry may not be as famous as Goa when it comes to touristy places but it has got all the “raw material” your mind craves to enhance creativity and productivity. The artists and designers especially will absolutely adore the place due to its quaint streets painted in a rainbow of colors and a number of art galleries and a few museums. Portuguese architecture gives it a magnificent look while the laidback lifestyle helps you fully absorb the soothing vibes the place has to offer. All these qualities make it a great place for workation.



If you are rather a person who prefers to combine daily lifestyle with touristy splash then Chandigarh could be a place you can consider. Unlike touristy coastal places, Chandigarh has a strong character of regular lifestyle, albeit with lots of joy pumped into it. Lowest crime makes it especially safe for females who are more concerned about safety. Besides the city enjoys almost ubiquitous connectivity to different parts of the country so to and fro travel shouldn’t be an issue for you.

People are more comfortable in Hindi or Haryanvi but it also has a population who may surprise you with their English speaking abilities- thanks to the recent commercialization and advent of the new economy. The same reason also makes it a great place to find opportunities and the right fraternity to connect with. Of course, there are many places to explore in this beautiful country and don’t forget to give some pleasant “tour” to your taste buds as the place has a variety of dishes and aromatic flavours.



If you are a person who doesn’t mind doing some extra legwork for reaching less-explored beautiful places, then Gangtok could be the right place for you. For the discerning people the place can set you into a meditative stance. Old Buddhist monasteries standing calmly against even older mountains, calm and contemplative residents, far from the pollution and chaos of cities, this place is among the best locations if you want to fully focus on your work but without being overexerted. Besides, there are great places to explore if you wish to de-stress yourself after a day’s work.

Don’t skip the delicacies native to this place- especially momos. For the first time you can realize the difference between the momos sold on city streets (and even hotels) and the authentic momos prepared here. If you find it significantly tastier it is because of the water and ingredients. It is not about “what ingredients are used” it is about “where are they grown”. The unpolluted climate and water of the mountains make all the difference. Also (and of course) the authentic recipe is the key factor behind the taste.



Being the largest North-eastern city, Guwahati may seem to be chaotic at first but if you have an eye for cultural and historical delights, then this place can be an ideal place for your next workation. When you go deeper into the city, especially in the less urbanized areas, you can still find the old world charm and the calm you are craving for.

Besides, you would also have an additional advantage of making the right selection when it comes to workations as there are many options available- unlike remotely located getaways. Besides, connectivity is never a problem. Along with the places to visit, you may also like to be a part of the colourful festivals of the city.



A fine crossover between work and vacation, the workation allows you to enjoy your vacations without compromising with the work. In this post we mentioned some of the best places for workation.These places have the right ambiance for working while also enjoying th etravel. The readers are advised to carefully match their personality and travel expectations before selecting any destination.

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