PM Modi to Review ‘Namami Gange’ Project in Kanpur on Saturday, Will Hold Council Meeting with UP, Bihar, U’khand Ministers

The Ganga Council meeting will also be attended by union ministers, chief ministers of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar. PTI Updated:December 13, 2019, 6:20 PM IST PM modi in Jharkhand Kanpur (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in the city on Saturday to have a first-hand experience of the impact of the ambitious Namami Gange project. The prime minister, who is likely to reach the city around 10.25 am, will take a special steamer for a 50-minute journey through the Ganga to review the project. Superintendent of Police (East) Raj Kumar Agarwal said after his arrival at the Chakeris airport, the prime minister will go to CSA University by a helicopter. “PM Modi will hold a Ganga Council meeting there with union ministers, chief ministers of UP, Uttarakhand and Bihar and secretaries of various central departments,” a senior district official said. Apart from holding the meeting, the PM will […]

Fix Marriage After Verbal Abuse – Helpful Tips for the Victim and the Maltreater

Verbal abuse proves that words can be a powerful weapon because they shoot the very soul. Consistent name-calling, harsh flare-ups and glaring insults form part of this subtle aggression that inflicts psychological violence. They destroy the confidence and threaten the life of the abused. It can exist in any relationship, even in marriage. If you’ve suffered from this issue, you wonder if there is there still a way to fix your relationship. Fortunately, there is. Just read the suggestions below and find out how to overcome this serious trouble. For the Abused Accept and let go of the problem. No problem can be resolved without accepting it has happened to you. If you keep denying you are in this situation, you will never get over it. Go through the pain and put a period on it. It may seem unmanageable but have the power to leave yesterday behind. Forgive your […]

These One-Pot Camping Recipes That Will Make You Go Outdoors More

You deserve a satisfying and filling meal after a long day outdoors. But just the thought of preparing your food and cooking it (then cleaning up after!) over a campfire makes you just want to eat something ready-to-eat. Good thing there are quick recipes that can be prepared and cooked with no hassle, like one-pot meals. One-pot meals are perfect for camping – they don’t take forever to cook but they’re extremely filling! Try these one-pot camping recipes the next time you’re on an outdoor adventure: Campfire Taco in a Skillet What you need: 1/2 kg. ground beef 1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes 1 can pinto beans 1 package Mexican cheese mix 1 green bell pepper 1 small onion 2 cloves minced garlic 1 tablespoon oil 1 tablespoon chilli powder 1 tablespoon cumin Salt Heat oil in a skillet over hot campfire coals then cook onion and bell pepper […]

Jam Making Principles – Four Easy Steps to Making Your Own Jam

Follow these four steps for almost every jam you make Choose your fruit. Wash & crush it Boil the fruit in a little plain water till soft When soft & cooked, add the sugar and pectin, mixed. Then add lemon juice or cream of tartar Boil rapidly to 104° C (220°F) and it will be ready. (about 20 minutes) A generic jam recipe 1 kg cleaned crushed fruit 2.2lb + 125g water (1/2 cup) 1 kg sugar 2.2 lb 30 g lime juice, lemon juice (OR 2 tsp cream of tartar) 10 g pectin powder (2 tsp) FAQ What is the difference between jam and jelly? Jam is chunky fruit or thick fruit puree that has been ‘set’ by boiling with sugar. Jelly is a clear fruit juice that has been ‘set’ by boiling with sugar. Why does jam set? When fruit is boiled with water it collapses and any […]

Notebook Vs Netbook – Performance Or Portability

Notebook, or laptop, is a portable computer that normally have: Screen size: 12 Inch and up Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core, Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion X2 Graphics: Integrated or External Graphic Card, from Intel GMA x3100 to AMD Mobility HD 3870X2 Weight: 1.9kg and up Netbook, a smaller variant of notebook, 1st poineered by Asus with their release of Asus Eee PC 700, and now laptop companies such as Acer and MSI released their own netbooks (Acer aspire one and MSI wind respectively), have: Screen size: 12 Inch max Processor: VIA C7 1.2GHz, Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz or AMD Geode 800MHz Graphics: Integrated Graphic Card, mostly Intel GMA 900 or 950 Weight: 1.1kg and below 1st, let's compare the screen size. With notebook screen size normally hovers around 14.1 to 15.4 inch, you can have a good movie viewing pleasure and don't have to squint your eyes just to […]

Flying the Flag : World Cup Gift Ideas

World Cup Fever is beginning to reach high pitch, excuse the pun, throughout the world. In early May however, drivers sporting flags on cars and those draping large banners from bedroom windows could only be considered as premature flagulators. Now, as the World Cup is about to begin, flag waving and associated football mania seem much more acceptable. This year, Father’s Day (June 18th 2006) coincides with the World Cup. Dads and grandads everywhere can look forward to a wide variety of soccer related gifts. World Cup Gifts for Soccer fans World Cup Gifts can be found in many shapes and sizes which can be fun, practical and useful. General gifts for football supporters include flags for cars, large flag banners, hats and t shirts, stationery and mugs. National team football shirts are also likely to be a great hit amongst fans as is the 2006 Official World Cup football, […]

Kate and Laura Mulleavy

If you've been following the craze scene, through now you've possibly heard the names Kate and Laura Mulleavy. New to the craze international and hitting it complete drive, those two younger ladies are an inspiration for others. Without formal coaching however armed with resolution, allure, and nice concepts you achieve your desires. Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy new Rodarte line is stuffed with nostalgia shooting the texture of the 1930s in America. It used to be simplest remaining 12 months that sisters Kate and Laura made up our minds to release their very own label Rodarte. They had been made up our minds to chop no corners the use of simplest the most costly materials. Rodarte is in keeping with the sturdy American spirit. Fashion icons similar to Carole Lombard had been inspirational to their designs. The Rodarte line will also be discovered at Mix in Houston and Kirna Zaberte […]

Top 4 Tips to Increase Your Social Shares

Social signals have been in the spotlight since 2010, when Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan first blogged about them. Shortly thereafter, Steve Cutts confirmed in a video that Google does consider these signals. This should come as no surprise. Social signals, like backlinks, provide an objective vote of confidence for a specific page or resource. It’s unlikely that social signals have surpassed backlinks in importance, but one thing is clear: it’s no longer safe to ignore them. There a few social signals in particular that you should monitor: Facebook likes to your pages and groups, Twitter followers associated with your brand, tweets that mention your brand, Google+ Circles, and +1s. These will change over time as social networks come and go, but as a general rule of thumb, you want a strong presence on all of the major social sites. Much has been made of the fact that social media […]

The Unwritten Car Salesman Guide for Green Peas

When you start your new career as a car salesman aka “Green Pea” there is some things that would be helpful to know about selling cars for a living. After you get hired the dealership will have you complete a course in basic car salesman training which is enough to get you started, but not everything you need to become a successful auto sales person. The initial training will help you understand the process of selling cars and why you do what you do and when you do it, but you still have much to learn. A car salesman guide would be beneficial to the new salesman, but these guidelines are often unwritten and not discussed by sales management and staff. 10 Green Pea Tips – Car Salesman Guide 1. Your attitude is everything when you are new to selling cars. Keep your chin up and know that you will […]

The Stylish Couple – How to Coordinate Your Formal Outfit With Your Partner

Weddings, business luncheons, corporate holiday parties, military balls, and cruise ship dinners are some of the many opportunities that a couple has to showcase their style and wear coordinating outfits. A stylish couple that is well put together can steal the spotlight at any event. It can be challenging to create a one-of-a-kind look that showcases each of your styles and also complements both of you. With a little bit of time, patience, and effort, you can come up with a show-stealing pair of outfits will yield favourable results at any event. Casual events – For more casual events such as themed parties or social gatherings with friends, less is usually more, in terms of matching. You do not want to appear obvious, such as wearing the same coloured shirt with jeans, and shoes that match in colour. A less obvious and much more stylish approach is to coordinate patterns. […]

Hot Jupiter Planets Halt Their Inward Death March

In 1995, when Dr. Michel Mayor and Dr. Didier Queloz of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland introduced their historical discovery of the first actual proof of planet in orbit round a Sun-like celebrity a long way past our personal Solar System, many scientists have been at a loss for words. These observations indicated that there become an extrasolar planet candidate as huge as our personal Solar System’s Jupiter (the biggest planet in our Sun’s family members), orbiting very on the subject of its host star–51 Pegasi. The new planet, named 51 Pegasi b, dwelled a trifling 4,300,000 miles from its father or mother celebrity, which is just a small fraction of the space between our personal Sun and Mercury–the closest planet to our Sun. New theories have been hurriedly devised to give an explanation for the lifestyles of this gigantic roaster. One concept prompt that 51 Pegasi b in truth […]

Preparing For A Flood: From Flood Insurance To Keeping Your House Safe

Nobody expects to search out 10 inches of water in the lounge. Did you recognize that floods are the number 1 herbal crisis within the United States? Unfortunately, it could occur to any person, and the most productive factor you’ll be able to do to give protection to your circle of relatives and house is to be ready. Read on to determine some issues you’ll be able to do earlier than this herbal crisis moves. Plan Ahead -Buy flood insurance coverage: Believe it or no longer, a normal house insurance coverage does no longer quilt water harm. This is why it's extremely really useful that trade homeowners and householders acquire flood insurance coverage. Just understand that it takes 30 days after your acquire on your flood insurance coverage coverage to grow to be legitimate. -Build your home at the proper position: Avoid construction your own home and trade on low-lying […]

A Sneak Peek At A Distant Planet’s Rocky Surface

Our starlit spiral Milky Way Galaxy is actually stuffed with courageous new worlds–distant planets that have been born to stars past our personal Sun. Some of those planetary kids of remote stars are very similar to the acquainted planets living inside of our personal Solar System, whilst others are authentic “oddballs” which are in contrast to anything else astronomers believed may just exist–that is, till they have been stumbled on. Even although the invention of recent exoplanets has turn into regimen, sudden revelations about their incessantly unique attributes nonetheless stay pouring in. In August 2019, a staff of astronomers introduced that they’ve gotten an extraordinary sneak peek on the stipulations present at the floor of rocky planet in orbit round some other megastar. The exoplanet very most probably has little, if any, ambiance, consistent with knowledge from the IRAC digicam aboard NASA’s infrared Spitzer Space Telescope. This exoplanet learn about, […]

Latest Computer Virus Threats

Contact PC/Computer Support For Help by Technical Support for your Laptop/PC/Mac/Tablets Ever since the man-made computer viruses emerged a few years ago, they have been causing untold damages and corruption of valuable data to millions of computer users all over the world. These virus attacks have been met by the arrival of quality anti-virus programs. But new viruses in the form of misleading applications are being launched almost on a daily basis. These applications find their way into the computers of the unwary users, in the guise of new applications. Suddenly the gullible PC user might see a strange security message pop up like an advertisement while surfing the web or see an unexpected balloon message appear from an unknown program warning the user that the system is infected with a new threat. These are the modus operandi of the misleading applications that are in reality potential programs that could […]

Students and Their Personal Finances

You have just started University or College. Money has become a huge matter because the expenses have increased. You decide to get a student loan or perhaps a scholarship but financial aid can be very complicated and there are many other students just like you. When you do have money, you lost track on when and where you spent it. So here are a few helpful hints on budgeting and economizing your way to a better lifestyle.  Before considering the idea of borrowing money, do explore all options of gift aid possible like rewards from associations or religious affiliations. These are like mini cash aids. One association might give you 100 dollars, another perhaps 50 dollars. These small amounts can add up to a big one.  Spend some time at the beginning of the course semester; by the time you get used to your daily routines, you can […]